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Your Guide to Sustaining Inner Healing, Freedom, and Deliverance!


In Biblical Healing and Deliverance, Chester and Betsy Kylstra deliver (no pun intended) a most refreshing and desperately-needed approach to inner healing, exorcism, and deliverance ministry.

Let’s begin with the obvious: Deliverance does not need to be scary, spooky or something out of a horror movie. The Kylstras are not offering you gimmicks in this book, nor or they providing the latest and greatest “key,” “secret” or formula to duking it out with the devil. If anything, they do well to equip the reader with essential Biblical Truth that empowers a lifestyle of sustained freedom. This alone is why this manual will be a blessing for you.

In addition, their approach to inner healing is solid, Scriptural, and challenging. They take readers on a journey, showing the vital link between the soul and the spirit (hence the integrated approach they uphold). For those skeptical about inner healing, this particular section will be much appreciated, providing the Bible basis for soul/spirit healing, the Kylstra’s personal testimony with inner healing, hindrances to receiving healing, studying the “insides of a memory” (which is very intriguing), and practically equipping you to personally walk through the process of soul/spirit healing, and also, help others experience freedom in Christ.

There are many instances where people receive healing or deliverance for a season, but soon thereafter, they become tormented again—sometimes, in even greater ways than before. Jesus warned of this. Was the healing or deliverance false? No. A deliverance through a power encounter (typically coming accompanied with various manifestations and supernatural phenomena) is profoundly Biblical. The problem is that we end up focusing so much on the supernatural power encounter that we neglect learn how to live out of this encounter. This is where the powerful gets very practical.

What are the keys to sustaining freedom in your life? Chester and Betsy share a few of these throughout this exhaustive resource, focusing on:

  • Ungodly beliefs and belief systems: This is paramount to sustaining deliverance, as how we think determines how we live. Based on our thoughts, we will either live in freedom or bondage.
  • Generational sins and curses: Get the truth on how the sinful actions of former generations and ancestors can impact your life today… and how to experience freedom.
  • Forgiveness: Sadly, too many of us do not recognize the healing power that forgiveness can release in our lives. As a result, many Christians write bitterness, offense and unforgivness off as a “problem” or an “issue” rather than the prison bars they actually are.

I strongly recommend Biblical Healing and Deliverance—yes, because I believe in the integrated approach and the principles, but perhaps even more because I trust the sources. Chester and Betsey are Scripturally seasoned and are motivated by true hearts of compassion to see captives set free in Jesus’ Name… and live in freedom. This book is an essential discipleship manual for anyone who wants to see lasting results in their own life, and in the lives of those they are called to disciple.