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Published Articles

This is a compilation of all of my articles that have been published in either Charisma Magazine and Charisma News.

The 1 Lie Millions of Christians Are Believing About the Holy Spirit Why are millions of Christians believing this lie from the enemy?

Will You Help Fulfill This 110-Year-Old Prophecy? It's expected that tens of thousands of believers will cry out for an increased and widespread outpouring of the Holy Spirit (with the vision being for over 100,000).

What Happens When You Get ‘Slain in the Spirit?’ How do we know when being

How Will Women Usher in the Next Great Move of God? Cindy Jacobs is a prophetic and intercessory strategist who contends with Heaven for revival and reformation.

An Open Letter to Rachel Held Evans: 3 Ways to Keep Christianity Weird and Relevant

What are millennials looking for on Sunday? Larry Sparks says it's the Holy Spirit.

This Simple Prayer Can Help You Experience More of the Holy Spirit

This prayer can help you experience more of the Holy Spirit.

How Can Your Words Release the Spirit of Revival?

The words that come out of your mouth can bring forth revival.

Can Brownsville Revival Lightning Strike Again?

Steve Hill

Secrets to Praying for Revival From the Apostle Paul and Jesus

Prayer revival

‘Like No Other’: A Powerful Worship Experience

Personal worship

Randy Clark: The Healing Miracles Preacher

How to Make Your Praise an Intercessory Weapon

Praise and worship

Does God Want to Interrupt Your Church?

Holy Spirit

How to Live a Life of Breakthrough Faith


How to Break Two Demonic Strongholds That Want to Destroy Your Hope


3 Reasons I Have Hope for a Great Awakening Among America’s Youth

Youth worshiping

Your Key to Silence Satan and Win at Spiritual Warfare!

Cross .

WATCH: Practical Strategies to Defeat the Devil


The Secret To Mountain-Moving Faith


3 Faith-Releasing Secrets the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Know!

3 Ways to Experience the Power of Pentecost in Your Life Today


Health and Wealth’ or Signs and Wonders? Will The Real Charismatic Church Please Stand Up?

Holy Spirit dove

A Key Sign You’ve Received a Supernatural Impartation

Surrender to God

REVIEW: Experience One of the Most Powerful and Prophetic Worship Albums of the Decade

Bethel Music

What Makes Jesus’ Blood the Most Powerful Force in All the Universe?

blood of Jesus

The Song That Prophesies What the Next Season Looks Like

Bethel Music

5 Ways That Praying in Tongues Will Change Your Life Forever

praying in tongues

Are There Really Modern-Day Prophets?

hand of the potter

Heidi Baker: One God-Encounter Will Change Your Life Forever


4 Prophetic People Groups: Which One Are You Part Of?


3 Ways to Keep Revival Alive


3 Keys to Sustaining Revival 20 Years After the Toronto Blessing

Larry Sparks

3 Reasons Why People Don’t Operate in the Gifts

man looking up to sky

R.T. Kendall’s ‘Holy Fire’ Ignites Fresh Passion

R.T. Kendall

New Book From Bethel Church Author Reveals the Key to Walking in God’s Healing Power

Larry Sparks

Why ‘Hyper-Grace’ Is One of the Most Important Books You Will Read This Year

Larry Sparks

3 Keys to Sustaining Revival 20 Years After the Toronto Blessing

Larry Sparks

Should We Stop Asking for Revival?

Larry Sparks

4 The Most Important Relationship You Can Have in 2014

Holy Spirit

3 Key to Releasing the Supernatural Power of Christmas

Christmas decor

The Key to Keeping Your Faith Strong While Waiting for A Miracle—Thanksgiving

man praying

3 Ways to Unlock the Supernatural in Your Life


Why We Need Supernatural Manifestations in the Church Today


The Church Learns a Lesson From Miley Cyrus

Can we as Christians learn a lesson from Miley Cyrus?