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Prophetic Word for South Florida – “An Army and the Ocean” | November 8, 2013


The Awakening conference this weekend at Harbour Church was absolutely outstanding. Why? Because the priority above programs and preaching was the Presence of God. As a result, the atmosphere sustained that thick, rich, weighty glory of God. It simply lingered from session to session.

On Friday night, during worship, I received a prophetic Word that I must share. It was a word for Harbour Church, but it was primarily, a word for EVERY church in South Florida. Even more specifically, it was a word for you, for you ARE the church of South Florida.

A Prophetic Song
I believe the song, “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United is a prophetic mandate for the Church of South Florida. I know people have incorporated it recently into their worship sets. It’s an awesome song, it’s popular, and yes, people really like it. But why? Every church I’ve attended recently in South Florida has featured it on their worship set list. WHY? I believe the song is a prophetic declaration for how God is using His church, specifically in a region that knows a LOT about oceans. So here comes the word.

A Vision
I’m not one who receives frequent visions—certainly not open visions, like the Apostle John or Paul. However, while we were singing that song on Friday night, I saw a picture flash before my eyes.

I saw the coastline of South Florida.
I saw people rising up, out of the land along the coast, and walk towards the ocean.

At first, it was a few people, but multiplication started happening. It was rapid. The more people to rise up and emerge and start walking towards the ocean, it seemed like the more followed in sync, or just behind. That didn’t matter. The highlight was that they were all walking towards the ocean in one direction.

Even as I write this, I sense a strong Presence of the Holy Spirit. These people walked towards the ocean, and one would naturally reason that, when they reached the edge of the sea, they would either stop, or become submerged. Neither.

They did not stop at the ocean shore and they did not sink.

This vast army of people rising up from the land actually walked UPON the ocean- and they didn’t miss a step. There was no loss of momentum. They didn’t stand at the ocean shore for a season and stare at the size and scope of the territory they were about to voyage out into. No. The transition was seamless. They stepped from land to sea, just as easily as they walked upon the land.

Not Afraid of Impossibility…
The Lord is raising up a church in South Florida that is no longer intimidated by the impossibilities of oceans. While oceans represent different things to different people, namely, I sensed that the ocean was a picture of the perception of impossibility concerning Kingdom impact in this region.

Many have come to South Florida to plant a church or start a ministry, only to pack up and go home. I’ve heard people say that South Florida is the place where churches come to die.

I prophesy, in Jesus’ Name, that South Florida is a region where the church comes to LIVE!

We call South Florida spiritually dry and desolate. It’s a region with so many options that compete for a heart that, ultimately, is satisfied by only One Thing. The ocean represents Kingdom impact in South Florida. The ocean represents the sea of hopelessness, of hurting lives, of pain, of disease, of torment, of luxury, of bondage, of addiction, of athiesm, of spiritual confusion, of religion, of spiritualism, of perversion, of false identity—the ocean represents every dark thing that, historically, scares off the church.

Carrying the Kingdom
But I announce that the Kingdom of God in South Florida is arising, and is being carried on the shoulders of the church.

Remember, the church carries the Kingdom—you carry the Kingdom! The church has always been Jesus’ vehicle to build His Kingdom on Earth. That’s the mandate upon the local church throughout South Florida.

One final thing. In this vision, there was a source-point that the army was rising out of. Even though they were coming from all different directions, representing the various parts of our region, I knew there was a common source. In fact, the source is mentioned very clearly in the lyrics to “Oceans.” Just reflect on it for a moment…

“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the Presence of my Savior.”

Faith to take on oceans is strengthened in one place—the Presence. It’s not a program. It’s not the coffee shop. It’s not a sermon (in and of itself). It’s not a song. It’s not a book. It’s not a study. It’s the Presence of God. Can these other things be catalysts for encounter with the Presence? Sure, but they cannot substitute. There is a strong urgency on this—the need to pursue God’s Presence, for it’s out of our encounters in His Presence that an army with ocean-walking faith is birthed. It’s out of encounter. It’s out of intimacy. It’s out of the glory. We need to behold Him, for when we see Him, we know Who lives inside of us and Who we represent to the region.

This word is for you, Church of South Florida. This song is yours to prophesy. Know this. You like it and sing it, not because it’s cool and pulls at your heart strings. No. You sing it with passion and zeal because it puts to words the prophetic mandate upon your life to tread upon every impossibility and bring the climate of heaven to your region.