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New Book Reveals the Key to Walking in God’s Healing Power

B-582-42X__88644_zoomChris Gore sees God supernaturally heal the sick on a regular basis. Whether it is through the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church (Redding, CA) or while traveling around the world, miracles have become a normal part of his life and ministry. In the book, Walking in Supernatural Healing Power, Chris is issuing a Biblical invitation for all believers to walk in this same miraculous power and watch God move through them to do the extraordinary. The healing ministry is not reserved for a televangelist, pastor, or crusade preacher—it is for every single believer who has been redeemed by Jesus’ blood and filled with the Holy Spirit. These are the only qualifications that you need to become a conduit for the healing power of God.

In this prolific book, birthed out of Scripture and illustrated through personal experience, Chris teaches, encourages, and shares incredible, faith-building testimonies of how God has consistently broken through impossibilities, miraculously turning sickness around for His glory.

A Fresh Perspective on Healing

The most refreshing aspect of Walking in Supernatural Healing Power and Chris Gore’s story is that he is not some “man of power for the hour.” He does not pursue notoriety, nor does he exploit God’s power for personal gain. Having spent a considerable amount of time with him while at Bethel Church (where he serves as Director of Healing Ministries), I can offer both his ministry and life my great admiration. Why? Chris lives intentionally to shine a bright spotlight on the Lord Jesus Christ.

More than anything, this book is a Jesus-book.

In fact, I would be hard-pressed to flip to a page and not see Chris directing readers’ attention to the Author of every miracle—King Jesus. This is one of the many factors that makes his book a wonderful breath of fresh air. Many have written books on healing over the years, many of which are solid and timeless. Unfortunately, amidst some of the books, teaching, and seminars, walking in the miraculous—in some circles—has become reduced to a formula. If we insert ‘X’ principle, God owes us ‘Y’ result. This is why many believers are leery when it comes to someone teaching on walking in God’s healing power. But remember, counterfeits simply confirm the presence of Truth. Chris Gore’s book is rooted in Bible-based Truth that will help every single Christian make proper sense of the role healing plays in their everyday lives.

Written Out of a Personal Journey

Reading through the book, especially in the initial chapters, you meet a servant of the Lord who remains very close to his personal journey. He is intentional to remind us that the measure of breakthrough he is experiencing today was not always the case in his life. This should inspire every single believer, whether you have seen God’s healing power at work or not.

Just because you have not seen God heal does not mean God is not in the healing business today.

Consider Chris’ story. Over a ten-year period, he prayed for roughly 1,000 people—none of which experienced any type of visible breakthrough or healing. For many of us, these results (or lack thereof) would have discouraged us from praying for anyone else. Perhaps our experience would have even redefined our theology, going from believing that God heals to becoming convinced that He doesn’t heal anymore (because of what we have not seen). After all, we prayed for all of these people and nothing happened! Thankfully, this was not Chris’ position and as a result of experiencing the seasons of lack, he is able to provide us with insightful advice to help believers navigate through some of the more difficult aspects of healing ministry.

Confronts the Challenging, Taboo Subjects

Chris brings a must-needed, authentic edge to the subject by exploring some of the major “taboo” healing topics—

•    What do we do if we pray for someone and nothing seems to happen?
•    How do we become offended with God because of disappointment?
•    Does healing really depend on how much faith someone has?
•    Why is remembering what God has done in the past so important to walking in power today?
•    Are there really roadblocks to receiving/releasing God’s healing power?
•    An entire chapter on Frequently Asked Questions about healing

In the end, Chris’ book is a most wonderful and welcome offering to the body of Christ. It does not boast some fool-proof healing formula. It is not motivated by principle-based Christianity, where we discover the magic prayer or confession that “does it” every time. At the end of the day, Chris makes it abundantly clear, I’m not very good at my job… but the One Who is good at His job lives inside of me. That is Jesus. Chris often jokes that he gets to work in a position where not being good at his job is actually to his advantage. What does this all mean? Simple.

We can’t heal, Chris can’t heal; only Jesus can because He is the only One good at the job of healing.

The Key to Walking in Healing Power

Chris’ book does contain the one essential Key you need to know in order to walk in God’s healing power—Jesus. It is all about Jesus. In one of the most powerful chapters, Friendship with Jesus, Chris sums it up like this: “The overflow of my relationship that I have with God is what people around me get to enjoy. The overflow of my relationship with God is the flow of the supernatural as I become immersed in His nature.”

When we simply decide to enjoy our friendship with Jesus and keep our eyes fixed on Him, healing power begins to flow easily and regularly through our lives. It is like a mighty river, flowing from God through us to those around us in need of His healing touch.

Chris’ book, Walking in Supernatural Healing Power is available now. Coming this year, you can also find the accompanying training manual, A Practical Guide to Walking in Healing Power.

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