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Ministry Report: The Holy Spirit Is Moving Powerfully At The Ramp in Alabama!


Last week, I was absolutely overwhelmed by what I witnessed and experienced in Hamilton, Alabama at the Ramp. Friends, God is alive and moving in our nation!

It’s so easy to be moved by the prophets of doom and gloom—whether it’s alleged prophetic voices in the church, or simply the barrage of nightly news that relentlessly steams into our worlds day after day.

Here’s the good news…

  • A generation is hungry for God… above anything
  • The Holy Spirit is raising up men and women who are going to take their places as the thought leaders and influencers of tomorrow.
  • Revival is not some sovereign, mysterious thing where God chooses random cities to pour out His Spirit upon—revival is Heaven’s response to mankind’s hunger.

Revival is Not a Mystery—I Saw It In Alabama!

Senior leader and founder of the Ramp, Karen Wheaton, introduced me to a quote from Charles Finney this past week – a quote that will stick with me forever. Finney, the great revivalist and soul winner, is quoted saying:

“A revival may be expected whenever Christians are found willing to make the sacrifices necessary to carry it on.”

In context, he expressed that revival is no more a miracle than a crop of wheat. It’s not mysterious or mystical. Revival is Heaven’s response to desperation from the Earth. We’re not desperate for God to send something new. Catch that. We’re not asking for another Pentecost. We need to start living like the first Pentecost was actually for real. Our eyes need to become wide once again at the thought of God inhabiting our mortal bodies and using us to release His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. This must cause our hearts to burn again. At the Ramp, I saw a generation that sought to access every blessing Heaven had deposited into their hearts. This deeply and profoundly moved me.

When I stepped foot into the Ramp auditorium on Wednesday morning for the 8:00 AM Prayer Service, I walked right into an open heaven. What we commonly call revival was normal in that atmosphere. There was no static. I didn’t have to wade through religion, boredom, routine, or any of the nonsense that we commonly deal with. The hunger from these students—these young people (average age from 18-23)—was totally contagious. It stirred my hunger. I thought I was hungry entering, but in that environment, my previous level of spiritual hunger was challenged by what I experienced. This is a wondrous thing for all of us, for when where we are is challenged, it is not God making us feel bad. Rather, He’s calling us higher. He’s summoning us deeper. That prayer meeting simply saturated me in God’s presence.

Teaching “Revival in Media” Seminar

That morning, I was honored to pour into the Ramp School of Ministry students for 3 hours, sharing a seminar that the Lord has been birthing in my heart called “Revival in Media.” Hollywood, Broadway, creativity, art—these realms do not belong to darkness. It’s time for the Kingdom of God to reclaim them. This is not the call for us to create a half-baked Christian sub-culture, where we basically photocopy everything in the world and place a “Christian” label on it. This is creating art beneath our inheritance as those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

This is an invitation for artists to become prophets… seers. It’s time for the creatives in the Kingdom to see clearly again. It’s time for those who have been called to create art—writing, acting, dancing, painting, songwriting—to access their inheritance as those who are able to gaze into the realms of Heaven, catch a glimpse of pure beauty, and release it into the Earth through their work.

During this teaching, two eras of my life collided. I went to college with aspirations of becoming a screenwriter… or at least, a film journalist. Some of the most prolific thought leaders on the subject of media have been my mentors and professors, namely Professor Terry Mattingly. After graduating college, the Lord started to stir my heart for nation-shaking revival. I had no idea how, or if, God would ever resurrect my previous passion for film and the arts. In these recent days, He has been doing that in an extraordinary way.

Never discount or write off a previous season in your life. It may seem like the Lord laid it dormant for a while, but you just wait. God might have ordained a past season to collide with a current or future season in order to release something new into the Earth through your life. Just live before Him saying “Yes” to whatever He wants you to do. That was the underlying message of the seminar. As those called to influence the Media and Performing Arts arena of society, above all—the pursuit of fame, fortune, or even creative expression—our driving declaration must be an overwhelming, booming “Yes” to God. This is what He is looking for in those He wants promote to shape the culture of a new generation. He is looking for artists who, even above producing art, host His presence with their lives. What’s the key to hosting the presence of God? Saying “Yes” to the Holy Spirit, no matter what the cost.

Ministry Time

The last hour of the seminar was reserved for ministry and impartation. I strongly sensed that the Holy Spirit wanted to move among us, so I simply concluded my presentation, called the worship team up and let them lead us into God’s Presence.

As we sang a few choruses of “Spirit Break Out,” the words struck my heart prophetically. Consider this declaration and its relevance to those that God is releasing to create by His anointing and power:

            Our Father, all of Heaven roars Your Name

            Sing louder, let this place erupt with praise

            Can you hear it? The sound of Heaven touching Earth

Stop right there. This song was an invitation for the artists to hear clearly once again. After all, this is the blueprint we are called to follow when creating: Hearing the sounds of Heaven and releasing them into the Earth through creativity.

During this session, creative gifts were awakened, eyes were delivered from tormenting media images from the past, and a new army of media revolutionaries was activated. In short, the Spirit broke out in our midst and it was absolutely glorious.

The Ramp Church

That night, I was so honored to be invited back to preach to the Ramp Church community. The Lord actually dropped the message in my heart early that morning, during the Prayer Time. It was from Psalm 107, where we read about how God uses hungry people to establish cities. I felt that word was so relevant for that night. Little did I know that God has given the Ramp that very Scripture as a prophetic Word for what He was doing in their midst.

Ramp Preaching 01

Needless to say, it was a wonderful time in God’s presence. The invitation was simple—catch a fresh gaze of the Infinite One. This is where spiritual hunger is birthed. We need to get a greater glimpse of the never changing God. Every time we behold Him in a fresh way, our hearts burn to know Him deeper. In this way, hunger is never exhausted because God is infinite and inexhaustible. He has no end. That night, the Holy Spirit was helping all of us overcome “ceiling theology.” You know, when our theology actually causes us to put a ceiling on God, and a ceiling our how far we believe we can go in God. “I already know that” or “I’ve got that all figured out” or “I guess that’s all there is to Christianity.” Dangerous perspectives when it comes to actually encountering Almighty God.

In Conclusion

Thank you so much for your prayers for these meetings! I am convinced that this was not just another seminar, but something significant happened in the lives of these students as they received this word of the Lord. We must be aware that the pulpit of the twenty-first century is the media. Just imagine what could happen if those shaping media culture were those who were shaped by the Presence of God? I believe it’s possible. I see it.

I see a generation… rising up to take its place.