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A Shaking is Coming to the Church | by Larry Sparks – Spiritual Gifts Webcast

In Hebrews 12, a shaking is described that disturbs and ultimately destroys everything that is not of God’s Kingdom. This does not fare well for a brand of Christianity not grounded in the economy of the supernatural. In this program, Larry shares a timely prophetic message, encouraging the church to embrace and pursue everything that is unshakeable in the Kingdom of God.

Holy Spirit’s Favorite Message: Jesus | by Larry Sparks – Spiritual Gifts Webcast

Larry ministers on the subject of the Holy Spirit’s favorite topic: Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit was not sent from heaven to make a big “to do” about Himself. On the contrary, He came to glorify Jesus Christ, empowering the saints to become more like Him, and enabling sinners to bow their lives at the Cross.

The Power of Your Testimony | by Larry Sparks and Kyle Winkler – Spiritual Gifts Webcast

Larry Sparks (Equip Culture Ministries) and Kyle Winkler (Kyle Winkler Ministries) share about the supernatural power released by sharing testimony. When we share about the miraculous works of God, it releases faith to others and sets them up to expect God to move on their behalf. If God performed the miraculous for one, He can do it for another!

What is Revival? | by Larry Sparks – Spiritual Gifts Webcast

Marguerite Evans hosts Larry Sparks on this dynamic program as he shares on the two ditches of revival. For true revival to take place, both the standard of Scripture and power of the Holy Spirit must be upheld equally.