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Prophetic Word for South Florida – “An Army and the Ocean” | November 8, 2013


The Awakening conference this weekend at Harbour Church was absolutely outstanding. Why? Because the priority above programs and preaching was the Presence of God. As a result, the atmosphere sustained that thick, rich, weighty glory of God. It simply lingered from session to session.

On Friday night, during worship, I received a prophetic Word that I must share. It was a word for Harbour Church, but it was primarily, a word for EVERY church in South Florida. Even more specifically, it was a word for you, for you ARE the church of South Florida.

A Prophetic Song
I believe the song, “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United is a prophetic mandate for the Church of South Florida. I know people have incorporated it recently into their worship sets. It’s an awesome song, it’s popular, and yes, people really like it. But why? Every church I’ve attended recently in South Florida has featured it on their worship set list. WHY? I believe the song is a prophetic declaration for how God is using His church, specifically in a region that knows a LOT about oceans. So here comes the word.

A Vision
I’m not one who receives frequent visions—certainly not open visions, like the Apostle John or Paul. However, while we were singing that song on Friday night, I saw a picture flash before my eyes.

I saw the coastline of South Florida.
I saw people rising up, out of the land along the coast, and walk towards the ocean.

At first, it was a few people, but multiplication started happening. It was rapid. The more people to rise up and emerge and start walking towards the ocean, it seemed like the more followed in sync, or just behind. That didn’t matter. The highlight was that they were all walking towards the ocean in one direction.

Even as I write this, I sense a strong Presence of the Holy Spirit. These people walked towards the ocean, and one would naturally reason that, when they reached the edge of the sea, they would either stop, or become submerged. Neither.

They did not stop at the ocean shore and they did not sink.

This vast army of people rising up from the land actually walked UPON the ocean- and they didn’t miss a step. There was no loss of momentum. They didn’t stand at the ocean shore for a season and stare at the size and scope of the territory they were about to voyage out into. No. The transition was seamless. They stepped from land to sea, just as easily as they walked upon the land.

Not Afraid of Impossibility…
The Lord is raising up a church in South Florida that is no longer intimidated by the impossibilities of oceans. While oceans represent different things to different people, namely, I sensed that the ocean was a picture of the perception of impossibility concerning Kingdom impact in this region.

Many have come to South Florida to plant a church or start a ministry, only to pack up and go home. I’ve heard people say that South Florida is the place where churches come to die.

I prophesy, in Jesus’ Name, that South Florida is a region where the church comes to LIVE!

We call South Florida spiritually dry and desolate. It’s a region with so many options that compete for a heart that, ultimately, is satisfied by only One Thing. The ocean represents Kingdom impact in South Florida. The ocean represents the sea of hopelessness, of hurting lives, of pain, of disease, of torment, of luxury, of bondage, of addiction, of athiesm, of spiritual confusion, of religion, of spiritualism, of perversion, of false identity—the ocean represents every dark thing that, historically, scares off the church.

Carrying the Kingdom
But I announce that the Kingdom of God in South Florida is arising, and is being carried on the shoulders of the church.

Remember, the church carries the Kingdom—you carry the Kingdom! The church has always been Jesus’ vehicle to build His Kingdom on Earth. That’s the mandate upon the local church throughout South Florida.

One final thing. In this vision, there was a source-point that the army was rising out of. Even though they were coming from all different directions, representing the various parts of our region, I knew there was a common source. In fact, the source is mentioned very clearly in the lyrics to “Oceans.” Just reflect on it for a moment…

“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the Presence of my Savior.”

Faith to take on oceans is strengthened in one place—the Presence. It’s not a program. It’s not the coffee shop. It’s not a sermon (in and of itself). It’s not a song. It’s not a book. It’s not a study. It’s the Presence of God. Can these other things be catalysts for encounter with the Presence? Sure, but they cannot substitute. There is a strong urgency on this—the need to pursue God’s Presence, for it’s out of our encounters in His Presence that an army with ocean-walking faith is birthed. It’s out of encounter. It’s out of intimacy. It’s out of the glory. We need to behold Him, for when we see Him, we know Who lives inside of us and Who we represent to the region.

This word is for you, Church of South Florida. This song is yours to prophesy. Know this. You like it and sing it, not because it’s cool and pulls at your heart strings. No. You sing it with passion and zeal because it puts to words the prophetic mandate upon your life to tread upon every impossibility and bring the climate of heaven to your region.

Prophetic Word for South Florida

You Carry the River of GodRushing-River. Tonight, our local church hosted the band, Leeland. It was a powerful night of worship. Beyond songs, instruments, music, and spectacle, the Presence of God was powerfully hosted and I know many were aware of the open heaven that was over that place. In the midst of worship, the spirit of prophecy was poured out in a very significant way into my heart. With that said, I believe the Lord has a word of encouragement and exhortation for those who call South Florida their home—a word purposed to stir up expectation of an at-hand revival that will shake and shape the landscape of our region.

Open Heavens.

And when he came up out of the water, immediately he saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove. (Mark 1:10, ESV)

When Jesus was baptized, we read that heaven was violently torn open. Pastor Bill Johnson does a phenomenal job at explaining this passage, so I encourage you to listen to anything he has done about open heavens. In the meantime, I’ll share what the Holy Spirit is leading me to write. Heaven did not simply part that day. It was not some moment where clouds shifts and the sun shone down upon Jesus. It was a violent act, where Isaiah 64:1 was fulfilled. Heaven was torn open, or rent, and down came the Holy Spirit. Heaven had been anticipating this moment for a long while, for it would inaugurate a whole new era. Listen—the blood of Jesus made it possible for heaven to remain open, and listen, Pentecost made it possible for heaven to remain open over YOU. No more of this praying for heaven to open up. No more talk of an area, like South Florida, where it seems like the “heavens are as brass.” That’s a lie of the devil! I know its sounds spiritual, but it’s wrong. We need to stop praying for open heavens. It’s basically praying for something that we have already received because of Jesus’ blood. Let’s stop praying for heaven to open over South Florida, and begin stewarding the open heaven over us in South Florida.

I hate using hyper-spiritual language, so let me break it down. An open heaven means that you are accessible to a constant flow of supernatural resources, from one realm to the next. Jesus defined the need for us to life under an open heaven in Matthew 16. An open heaven enables you and I to loose the things that are loosed or released or normal in heaven.

You, me—the church of South Florida—we are called to be an imposing, offensive army. I declare to you, in Jesus’ Name, rise up. God His bride to stop living in constant defensive mode, always fighting the devil, always dealing with the enemy’s assaults and attacks. While spiritual warfare is a reality, Jesus also exposed us to the reality of conquest. We bind the enemy’s attacks, but we cannot forget that in loosing, we conquer. Conquest is stifled when we are living in preservation mode. Preservation mode is always fighting off the devil; conquest mode is going into the darkness, hoisting the flag of the Kingdom of God, and with supernatural boldness and fervor, jamming that flagpole into dark places, claiming them in the Name of Jesus for the Kingdom of God. I see this already happening in our city. In my city! I’m sure it’s happening in yours too. I see it happening through organizations like Place of Hope, that are staring darkness in the face and declaring “no more. We say no to the orphan spirit in our region.” I see this in ministries like Epic Beauty, taking the flag of the Kingdom and jamming right into what would look like the cement of the adult entertainment/prostitution industry in our region. Darkness is only hard when light avoids it. When our awareness of the darkness around us is greater than the Light we carry through the indwelling Kingdom of God, darkness will always seem, feel, and appear impenetrable. But I declare over you reading this, right now, that you are an ambassador of the Kingdom of God. The Greater One lives within you (see 1 Jn. 4:4). You have been anointed to bind what is forbidden in heaven, and loose what is normal in heaven. How do we do this? How do we release the resources that flow out of the open heaven over our lives and churches?

The River of God.

Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and there was water, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east… (Eze. 47:1)

There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God. (Ps. 46:4)

I cannot escape this “river” language, nor can I get Ezekiel 47 out of my spirit. I believe this passage of Scripture carries significant prophetic weight for all believers in our region, and will unfold in greater detail in the coming days.

On my way home, the Lord reminded me that every single believer walks under an open heaven. I know different denominations emphasize different aspects of the Holy Spirit’s work. Some present the doctrine of a subsequent experience to salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, where we receive a supernatural empowerment for ministry, service and supernatural living. While I believe in the concept of the baptism of the Spirit and have experienced it myself, I so strongly sense that the Lord is breaking through the denominational and doctrinal mess and confusion, simply reminding every single Christian that the glorious inheritance of heaven, Holy Spirit, lives within them.

I prophesy, in Jesus’ Name, that you—as the believing community of this region—start making withdrawals on the spiritual inheritance you received at salvation. Too many of us live on twenty bucks a day when, at salvation, we received a billion dollars (and that is even putting it lightly). We are going to step into a season of unusual, creative miracles, along with awe-inspiring demonstrations of supernatural power, not as some new outpouring comes out of heaven, but as everyday believers recognize the extraordinary gift they already received because of Pentecost.

Don’t look up. Look in, and look inward. Look in the Word of God. Look in the Gospels and watch how Jesus lived as a man anointed by the Holy Ghost and with power. He healed. He delivered. He raised the dead. He touched lepers, and they became clean. He reached out to the condemned and made them feel loved and accepted. He shook entire cities through the weight of the power and the fire that His words carried. The same Holy Spirit that anointed Jesus of Nazareth to go about doing good, and healing all who were oppressed of the devil lives in you (see Acts 10:38). Yes, you South Florida resident. Start looking in the Scriptures and catch a glimpse of what the Holy Spirit empowered the early disciples to do, in Jesus’ Name.

Now, start looking within yourself. This is not an invitation to get all New Agey. No. Simply consider what the Holy Spirit empowered Jesus to do, and what He graced the early church to do. That Spirit lives inside of you. While you’re at it, review history. Review revivals throughout the centuries. Review the lives and ministries of God’s generals. The evangelists. The pioneers. The preachers. The revivalists. Those who flowed in unusual miracles, signs and wonders. The Holy Spirit that empowered them for the extraordinary—to be agents of transformation that would go onto define Christianity in the centuries to come—this same Spirit is inside of you. Paul reminds us, if we had any doubts about this, that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives within you (see Rom. 8:11) You did not receive a second class, second rate Holy Spirit. You did not get the downgrade. I repeat, look within and remind yourself that the same Spirit of God that shook the planet through Jesus, through the apostles, and through the history makers of old and new, that Spirit lives within you.

As we start recognizing the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and increasing our awareness of what He can and will do through our lives, the river of God will begin to flow through our region. West Palm Beach. Jupiter. Fort Lauderdale. Pompano Beach. Boynton Beach. City after city comes to mind where God is going to invade.

The Temple.

Jesus paid a high price to make you and I His temple. Paul reminds us that we are the temple of the Living God (see 1 Cor. 3:16, 6:19, 2 Cor. 6:16). In Ezekiel, we catch a glimpse of prophetic imagery that defines what we, the temple of God, carry. We carry the Presence of the Holy Spirit. He is the River of Living water that flows out of us, just as Jesus declared.

He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water (John 7:33).

Many have written off our region as a dry and weary land, spiritually speaking. People have so much natural wealth, but don’t recognize their spiritual poverty. Many Christians, even, are settling on twenty bucks a day when Jesus’ blood paid for beyond-billions in spiritual power and effectiveness.

I see sparks of revival, one by one, multiplying in our region as they receive baptisms of fire in the presence of God. I see radical encounters with God—encounters that are perhaps off of our spiritual grids. Remember, this is the God of Ephesians 3:20, beyond what our minds can even imagine, fathom, or conceive. South Florida is known for a tame approach to God, in many respects. I see God sovereignly touching people—yes, even prominent people—in unusual, supernatural, life-changing ways. This is beyond any doctrine, although completely in agreement with Scripture. Time after time, we witness a history of God-encounters. Fire would fall (see 1 Kings 18:38). Clouds of glory would descend (see 2 Chron. 5:13-14). Open heavens (see Gen. 28:12). And these happened under the Old Testament! I declare to you that if men and women living under the Old Covenant, experienced God in such life-changing ways, your mind cannot even begin to fathom what the Holy Spirit has in store for those living under the New Covenant, written in Jesus’ blood. Encounter is not a doctrine; if anything, theology must lead us to the place of encounter, otherwise, it just loads our brain with more facts, but no true transformation.

Too many have even turned the theology of the baptism of the Holy Spirit into some stale doctrine to where someone comes forward, gets hands laid on them, and goes back to their seat. I prophesy baptisms of fire. I see significant moments in people’s lives, in this region, where they encounter the manifest presence and supernatural power of God so deeply and profoundly, everything changes in a moment in God’s raw presence.

Carrying Life, Carrying Healing

Your river carries life.
Your river carries healing.

I kept singing these two phrases tonight, over and over. I switched from singing to prophesying, following the flow of the Holy Spirit. I declare over you, believer living in South Florida…

The river of God in you carries and releases life.
The river of God in you carries and releases healing.

And it shall be that every living thing that moves, wherever the rivers go, will live.
(Eze. 47:9)

Open Heavens Expanding.

Tonight, I saw something powerful. Not an open vision, but a very clear picture of open heavens expanding over the region. There is an open heaven over you as a believer, but as we carry the River of God into our cities and collide with those who do not know Jesus, or who need to encounter Him as the One True Living God, as you interact with these people, guess what? You bring them under the open heaven over your life. They don’t need to be believers to be exposed to the supernatural presence and power of God flowing in and through you. Technically, none of the people Jesus ministered to were born again and filled with the Holy Spirit—and yet, he invited all of these people into a supernatural open heaven reality, for they all received from His anointing. They all received answers, breakthroughs, and solutions because of the Solution that lived inside of Jesus, and that rested upon Him. This Solution is a Person, His Name is Holy Spirit, and I wholeheartedly believe is the Answer to the spiritually dry and desolate climate of South Florida.

The wonderful truth about things that are unusually dry is that all it takes is a few little sparks, a few embers to set them off. All it takes is a few people filled with the fire of God to collide with everything dry, everything barren for a wildfire to break out and for the River of God to refresh, renew, and restore.

Baptisms of Fire.

This was another phrase that I could not shake tonight. I believe the Lord is going to be releasing fresh baptisms of fire upon your life. They are not for goosebumps, show, or kicks; they are sacred moments where the manifest presence of God touches us in such a deep, profound and often times, tangible way, that we are shaken to our core. And you know what? These baptisms of fire are designed by God to show you and I what potential and power dwells on the inside of us. Again, this power is not a force; it’s the Person of the Holy Spirit. I am just convinced we are not fully aware of Who really lives within us!

I love what Bill Johnson says in relation to this. You owe the world an encounter with God. How is this possible? Our encounters expose us to the possibilities of the normal, supernatural Christian life. When we encounter God with such force and fire, we are awakened to the fact that this burning flame of God lives within us, and is ready to be a river that flows out of us.

A few things that I see God doing in our region…

I see churches throughout the region as welcoming and accommodating the river of God—even places who have been confused about, or against the move of the Holy Spirit in the past.

I see walls crumbling down because even though unusual and out of the box things are starting to happen, Jesus Christ receives all the glory and the good fruit is absolutely astounding and unmistakable.

I see masses of salvations.

I see a church that begins pressing into the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, which involved nations being discipled.

I see churches in our region starting to believe for the impossible: “Jesus, if you told us to disciple nations, what’s a city to You?” What’s a school? What’s a town? What’s a neighborhood? What’s a college campus?

I see the River of God emboldening believers in this region to believe for outlandish, crazy things which are completely Biblically valid. Cities and regions touched by the power of God. Unusual miracles. Creative miracles. Not for the sake of spectacle, but honestly, pointing to the in-breaking of a New Kingdom.

I see age-old strongholds of our region crumbling down. I mean shattering on the ground as a people rise up who recognize that they are carriers of the River.

I see money and mammon and wealth and greed and affluence and pride being washed away by the River.

I see affluent people crying out for more. I see them staring at their mansions and money and accumulation and accolades, and in spite of all of that, crying out to heaven at the top of their lungs, There must be more! Material possession are not bad in the least; the problem is when we are under the delusion that they ultimately satisfy us.

And I see a people rising up to answer their cries.

I see young people in our region connecting with older generations, releasing solutions to the cries of their hearts.

I see pastors and leaders being refreshed and renewed by the work of the Holy Spirit.

I see a new ease and anointing for preaching and ministry.

I see churches shifting from a sermon-focus to a Presence-focus. Sermons are still preached and the Bible is still taught, but I see words going forth that are not mere words, not mere teaching, not just exposition, but burning words. I see words going forth that set dry places on fire. I see the Holy Spirit actually carrying the words of pastors and preachers, from their mouths and literally pushing those words into the dry, dead and desolate hearts of the people coming to their churches—and as soon as that collision happens, I see supernatural resuscitation. I see life. I see hunger.

Please, please pray into these things. I’m sure God has been exposing you to similar realities. He does this, not so we can simply talk about them but so that we can pray and prophesy into them.

Revival is working its way down the state.

Florida has had an interesting history of spiritual renewal, most notably in the mid-90’s with the nation-shaking Brownsville Revival in Pensacola. There have been other moves of God along the way, some continuing, and some having flaked out because of moral failure, weird teaching, and other such causes. Revival is not as sovereign as we often assume. God is simply looking for a people that He can trust with His River—who recognize they are carriers of the Presence. That’s what the great revivalists of old were. They were not especially talented or gifted. They were not remarkable spiritual supermen or exceptional orators. They were simply men and women who understood heaven was open over them, the Holy Spirit lived within them—and they did something about it.

Final Thoughts

When I was at Bethel Church recently, Eric Johnson’s wife, Candace, gave me a prophetic word for our region (although I don’t think she was aware that she was prophesying at the time). I told her a little bit about our region, and basically, that it was regarded as a spiritually difficult area because people assumed they didn’t need God because we have so much available to us. She immediately started to tell me about Norway, and how many people there were not radically pursuing God because they were under the impression they had it all. And yet, she told me that it is the person who says “Yes” to God in the midst of many options that is especially dangerous to darkness. And by the way, Norway is experiencing a powerful move of God! WOW. There is a lot available to us in South Florida, no doubt. There are options aplenty, but I believe darkness is going to crumble as more and more believers say a wholehearted “Yes” to Jesus and His Kingdom agenda, even in the midst of everything available at our fingertips.

Finally, during her time in South Florida a few weeks back, Karen Wheaton (Director and founder of the Ramp) prophesied over our region, declaring the rains of revival. That so strongly resonated with me, as I know the ground is ready. And guess what? I believe the rain is not coming out of heaven, but it is coming out of the church. You and me. The Holy Spirit already came out of heaven two thousand years ago at Pentecost. Now, it’s up to the local church in South Florida to start releasing His presence and power.

What are we pressing in for? In short, I envision a Nineveh situation happening in South Florida. I see the possibility of an entire region coming to Jesus Christ, an entire geography under the influence of the Kingdom, and I refuse to back down from pressing into this vision. Let’s go for it. Let’s press in to see a dry and barren land become a place where people visit from all over the Earth for renewal and for hope—as an example and testimony of what’s possible in any place when the River of God is carried and stewarded well by the people of God.

I want nothing less than God’s heart for the planet:

…but truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord (Num. 14:21)

May it be so in South Florida, and may these words stir your hearts to burn for this reality!