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Cindy Jacobs


In my journey with the Lord, I’ve had some interesting encounters with the prophetic; some life-changing and some horrific.

When it comes to authentic twenty-first century prophets whose words and lifestyles come into agreement with Scripture, Cindy Jacobs is one of the few public prophetic figures that fits the mold. It was a pleasure meeting this latter-day general at the Converge Conference in Virginia Beach.

CBN’s Spiritual Gifts Webcast – Live!


These photos were captured from the live taping that Kyle Winkler and I did for the CBN Spiritual Gifts webcast.

Recent Interviews

We spoke on the Power of Testimony. Had such fun sharing alongside Kyle – a dear friend and mighty voice in God’s Kingdom.

SGW-Larry and website on lower third

Joyce Rogers


It was truly an honor to work with the family of Dr. Adrian Rogers, as we carried his legacy and teaching across the globe with the Pastor Training Institute.

Joyce Rogers, Dr. Rogers’ beloved wife, was absolutely instrumental in stirring my passion to steward God’s Word and release it through writing. Though I’ve always enjoyed writing, it took catalysts like Mrs. Rogers to push me to go for it – like really.

I clearly remember a wonderful conversation we had, sitting in her living room, as she shared about her personal writing process (and the books that were birthed as a result).

Jonathan Falwell


It was fun getting to host (and connect with) Jonathan Falwell – Senior Pastor of the wonderful Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA.

He joined us in Memphis, TN to honor Dr. Adrian Rogers’ and help launch the Adrian Rogers Legacy Library project.