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Karen Wheaton and The Ramp

2013-04-10 20.21.23It was a blessing getting to meet with and spend a considerable amount of time with Karen Wheaton – a woman I consider a mother in the faith to me. Before I knew anything about her incredible youth ministry, the Ramp (“youth ministry” is putting it lightly – I’d call it more a revival academy), I clearly remember back in 2002… 2003 – my church at the time, Christ Fellowship, did the choral song, “Lord You’re Holy.”

If you’ve heard the song, you know what I’m talking about. Powerful anthem declaring Who God is. It never failed to filled that place with explosive praise. I remember asking worship leader, Michael Neale, about who originally sang the song. He directed me to Karen Wheaton and her album Church. One listen and I was completely hooked.

Then, in 2006, she released an incredible album called Believe. The songs were modern, edgy and prophetic – from Charlie Hall’s “Holy Visitation” to Jason Upton’s “Lion of Judah.” To this day, I contend that Believe is one of the most powerful, anointed worship projects available on the market (and amazingly, it is was not recorded live).

Karen lives what she sings and preaches. I believe she will go down in the halls of history as one who dared to sow her life into the greatest youth revival of our day.

2013-04-10 17.12.56

Bill Johnson

2012-10_VOA_Larry and Bill

When it comes to mentors and fathers in the faith, none has invested more into my life and pursuit of God’s presence that Pastor Bill Johnson.

What I love about Bill – probably more than anything – is that before he is a leader, before he is a pastor, and certainly, before he is some voice of influence that is impacting nations, the man is a worshiper. He remains hungry for more of God, and I believe that is the key to his influence and global impact.

This photo was taken at Voice of the Apostles in Lancaster, PA – October 2012.

Reinhard Bonnke lunch


I had the honor of being able to sit down with Reinhard Bonnke for lunch.

The man truly lives and breathes Jesus… and souls. A general for world evangelism if I’ve ever seen one.

One moment he will be talking about fishing or motorcycles, and then, he seamlessly transitions into comparing the Gospel to water. “No one can live without it.” I absolutely love that!

Jack Hayford


I had the great privilege of connecting with Dr. Jack Hayford at the Converge Conference in Virginia Beach.

It’s men of God like Hayford who have inspired me to pursue my Masters of Divinity and help sow into the academic and theological credibility that God is bringing to the Charismatic movement.