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Father, Son, and… the Other One? – with Jeff Kennedy

If we lost the Holy Spirit… would Christianity go on as usual?

In the modern church, we seem to have it all. Big buildings. Exciting programs. Lucrative marketing efforts. And yet… in spite of all of the trimmings, is there a void? Is something, or Someone, missing from our programs? Does this Someone actually want to re-write our programs and help redefine Christianity?

Larry Sparks interviews Pastor Jeff Kennedy about the key to living the effective Christian life—and this key is a Person. He is not a force. He is not an “it.” He is the Holy Spirit: God on the Earth and God living inside of us.

Without Him, we just go through the motions. With Him, we can transform the world.

About Jeff Kennedy

Jeff Kennedy is a lovesick disciple of Jesus, a husband to a lovely wife, and a dad to four funny little kids. He serves as the Executive Pastor of Discipleship at Eastpoint Church in Spokane, WA. He also teaches as an Adjunct Faculty for Liberty University, and Moody Distance College.

“Do Not Be Afraid!” with Rabbi KA Schneider

Are you afraid… of living the rest of your life in fear?

Time after time, Scripture reminds the people of God that fear should not part of our normal Christian lives. We have not been given a spirit of fear. In fact, God commands His people, time after time—“Do not be afraid!” It is not a suggestion.

Larry Sparks interviews Rabbi Schneider about the topic of fear—most importantly, discussing why how a fear-less life should be normal, not the exception.

Discover how you can overcome one of the most debilitating barriers to living the abundant, victorious life that God has designed for you!

About Rabbi Schneider

Rabbi Schneider is the host of an international television broadcast, “Discovering the Jewish Jesus,” that shows with exceptional clarity how the Old and New Testaments connect–and how Jesus completes the unfolding plan of God. “Discovering the Jewish Jesus” is listed in your television guide as “The Jewish Jesus.” For a list of times and stations that broadcast Rabbi Schneider’s program in your area, visit and click on the Ways to Watch link. Rabbi Schneider resides in the Midwestern region of the United States.