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Reclaim Your Soul and Experience Living in Freedom: Interview with Dr. Cindy Trimm

Is it possible to walk in freedom, empowerment and resilience as a lifestyle—not just a temporary experience?

Too many people are familiar with the “altar call” approach to life. Week after week, individuals attend churches and approach the altars, carrying their struggles. They receive prayer and earnestly pray to receive their breakthroughs. Why are so many Christians not living the lives of sustained victory and empowerment that the Bible promises?

Join Larry Sparks as he and life-strategist, international speaker and bestselling author, Dr. Cindy Trimm, discuss the secret to breaking the cycles in your life that hold you back from freedom and resiliency.

It all starts with this one question: What, or who, is your soul attached to?

The Secret To Enjoying Purity In Your Life with Jackie Kendall

In our over-sexualized culture, pure has become the new “four letter word.”

So many people try to avoid the Biblical call for purity because they believe purity is a way that God restricts us from enjoying life.

What if purity was actually protection? Not just from disease or pregnancy or making a “bad choice.” What if purity was the secret to fulfilling your destiny and being the woman that God has created you to be?

Join Larry Sparks as he and bestselling author and speaker, Jackie Kendall, talk about the vital link between a lifestyle of purity and women stepping into God’s calling, destiny and identity for their lives.

Winning the Unseen Battle for Eternity: Interview with Dr. Jack Graham

Is the spirit realm a real thing—or is it just for those “super spiritual Christians?”

Are angels real?

Do demons still torment people?

How does spiritual warfare impact our everyday lives?

What about heaven and hell—are they real places?

If we think that, in the twenty-first century, we have moved passed the spiritual, we have already lost the battle.

Larry Sparks interviews Dr. Jack Graham about the reality of the Unseen world and how the secret to our spiritual victory is wrapped up in how we respond to these invisible realities.

About Dr. Jack Graham

Dr. Graham is the senior pastor of one of America’s largest and most influential churches, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX. Dr. Graham has served two terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest American Protestant denomination, with 16 million members, and as president of the SBC Pastor’s Conference. He is a prolific author, evangelical statesman, and uncompromising standard-bearer for the Truth of God’s Word.

How To Experience the Age of the Spirit – with Phyllis Tickle

How does the theology of an “Ancient Ghost” actually give you a blueprint for the shaping of Christianity today? What is it about the Third Person of the Trinity that has inspired so much controversy, debate and interest?

Join Larry Sparks as he interviews prolific author, Phyllis Tickle, on her latest book, Age of the Spirit.

Discover how the focal point of a century-spanning controversy is actually the key to experiencing the supernatural Christianity defined by Jesus.