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Worship and Miracles | with Lydia Stanley Marrow

I’m starting a video series that will carry until the end of the year. It’s called The Powerful Presence of God. This is Part 1.

My guest, Lydia Stanley Marrow, is an anointed revivalist and worship leader (from Church of His Presence and Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival) who has seen the lame walk, the deaf hear, and the blind see again! We talked about the miraculous Presence of God, and how you can experience God’s supernatural power through praise and worship!

Signs, Wonders, and a Baptist Preacher | with Chad Norris

What is the key to living a dynamic, supernatural Christian life? It starts with redefining normal. Pastor Chad Norris (author of “Signs, Wonders, and a Baptist Pastor”) shares about his experience with the power of God, and how his life has been radically transformed by a new definition and expression of “normal Christianity.”

Rhonda Byrne The Secret Reveled: The One Thing The Law Of Attraction Can’t Get You

Rhonda Byrne The Secret became a worldwide phenomenon in 2007 and is arguably one of the best self-help books ever published.

In this video Rhonda Giacomelli, answers the question “What is the secret?” Rhonda also reveals how the law of attraction gained her friends, money and position but could never get her the one thing she needed.

Your Key to Revival: Worship | with Catherine Mullins

What is the key to experiencing a lifestyle of revival? Worship. Radical, extravagant, and bold worship that takes people beyond a song and brings them into a life changing encounter in the Presence of God.

Worship leader Catherine Mullins ( shares about her personal encounter in God’s Presence, and how this One Thing was responsible for launching her lifestyle of revival. Radical worship is an invitation to everyone. It’s not just for pastors, speakers, worship leaders, or historical revivalists. It’s not for the perfect, the clean, or the super religious. You can encounter God’s presence and power in your life and experience revival as normal Christianity!