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Discover How Christmas is a Key to Experiencing Revival


This Christmas season, I have been flooded with new perspectives on the familiar Jesus-birth narrative. In fact, one of the great dangers of Christmas is to stop listening to the traditional story because we think we’ve figured it out for every angle. This approach illustrates a very serious spiritual condition that we must awaken to if we are going to see widespread, nation-shaking revival. We must be willing to embrace the movement of God, even if we don’t have a theological framework for it… yet.

Christmas: A Supernatural Season

I’ve stopped being content with Christmas as it’s always been. Make no mistake, I still celebrate all of the traditions and festivities. I enjoy holiday movie marathons, where Home Alone and Elf don the yule-tide line-up. Christmas gifts, trees, parties, lights—I cherish all of it. I’m not one who thinks we need to throw the whole thing out, either because it’s become overly contaminated by consumerism or because it has some kind of pagan roots. I don’t care if it’s the “world system” or some kind of celtic history, we have the ability to redeemed December 25 to honor Jesus Christ. (And no, I don’t think He was literally born on that day, but I am not at all against selecting it as a day to celebrate His glorious incarnation!)

Here’s the problem, though. It’s easy for spiritual people to pick on the consumer side of Christmas, claiming that we need to focus on the true “Reason for the Season.” Tis’ true, we do. Even in church circles, we have simply turned Christmas into a massive production with some spiritual trimmings here and there. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not against the production, per se, but it should be supplemental to our primary priority—seeing Jesus exalted through the power of the Holy Spirit. I just know this looks very different than what we have always been used to with our Christmas cantatas, choir programs, productions, plays, pageants, and candlelight services. Don’t throw those things out unless they distract from people having genuine encounters with God during this glorious time.

If ever there was a supernatural season, where the eyes and ears of nations were bent towards the Messiah, it’s during Christmastime. We need to steward this great opportunity, instead of giving people more reasons to become familiar with a spectacle. As people come across our paths in everyday life, or people flood into church sanctuaries on Christmas Eve, we need to remember Who we offer them. We don’t offer a show; we carry the Spirit of the Risen Christ. He is truly the thrill of hope that brings a weary world to rejoice!

What Kills Revival?

Do you want to know what can quench the Spirit’s movement and kill revival before it even starts? Familiarity.

Jesus Christ, the Sovereign Son of God, was unable to perform mighty miracles in his hometown because He was recognized as the “son of Joseph and Mary” (see Mark 6:5). The people were familiar with Him at one level and thus, unwilling to embrace Him at another. They were comfortable with Jesus being the carpenter who was following in his natural father’s footsteps, but they were not so keen on Him following in His true Father’s footsteps. This reality of Jesus being the Son of God challenged the people’s present level of revelation, calling them to embrace a new perspective of Jesus. Perhaps a more demanding perspective, as the son of Joseph doesn’t have the authority to demand allegiance, but the Son of God most certainly does. They were unwilling to see Jesus in this light and thus, remained un-hungry to experience His supernatural healing power.

Are you receiving the same invitation this Christmas season? Could God be calling you to reconsider the familiar… even starting with the Christmas story? This much I know. When you receive an upgraded revelation about Jesus, your level of hunger increases. Why? You want to encounter the One you are being introduced to. Jesus was never meant to merely be known intellectually; He was meant to be known relationally and experientially.

Summoned into the Deeper Places

The reason we are not seeing widespread revival has nothing to do with lack from God’s end. This acknowledgement is not meant to incite shame. By no means. At the same time, it is a wake-up call. We need to forsake familiarity with Jesus and be willing to journey into the depths.

For many of us, that means embracing a willingness to let our childhood (and in some cases, childish) theology be challenged. You read that correctly. Just because we embrace a certain perspective on God, doesn’t mean it is Scripturally founded. At the same time, what we believe about God may be absolutely correct and true—but many of us settle at one level of truth, unwilling to embrace some of the more uncomfortable facts about God that the Bible also clarifies. The One who saves also heals, delivers, releases captives, performs miracles, raises the dead, demands lordship, and wants to flood the Earth with His glory! We may have a solid foundation in one area of God’s nature, but there might be unexplored territories that are awaiting the hungry and the brave. Are you willing to take the journey?

None of this is a call to venture outside of established Biblical perimeters. Far be it! There is too great of an inheritance that Scripture claims is available that we are not fully walking in. This should not provoke shame, but incite hunger. Relentless hunger.

Revival Lessons from the Three Wise Men

Consider the Wise men level of spiritual hunger, which drove the three kings out of the palace, through the desert, and ultimately, to a feeding trough where the King of Glory was laid. Surely, that unique presentation of the King was offensive to their natural minds. These three men of nobility voyaged from an atmosphere of wealth, opulence and royalty to behold Jesus in a manger, and yet, they were seeing the King who was infinitely superior to any and every ruler who would walk the Earth.

How did they respond? They embraced the move of God. They allowed Heaven to adjust their theology correctly. Perhaps they had visions of wealth and riches… but when they stumbled upon the manger, animals, shepherds and peasants, they had a choice to make. We have a choice to make as well.

Do we embrace the move of God, as is—mess and all—or do we dismiss it?
Do we write it off because it doesn’t fit what we think it should look like?

After all, surely the great move of Heaven to Earth, God to mankind, couldn’t look like this… could it?

The wise men’s response should challenge all of us when it comes to embracing new depths of revelation and new expressions of God’s movement. What their minds might not have been able to wrap around, their hearts were able to respond to with worship.

Remember, the King of Glory came in a seemingly common manner. The wise men could have been detoured by this; but they were not. They looked past what they thought they knew and allowed Heaven to adjust their thinking about the One lying in the manger.

So what’s the gift the Holy Spirit wants to give to you this season? Upgraded revelation of Jesus that produces a greater experience with Jesus. How do you receive it? Break ties with familiarity and be willing to embrace the move of God—even when it comes in unpredictable, uncomfortable and inconvenient ways.

Father, break off familiarity in my life. I don’t want to see Jesus in a common way and I don’t want to go through the motions of Christmas like I have in the past. I ask You, Holy Spirit, for fresh revelation this year. Help me to see the Christmas story in a brand new way—not the way I’ve always seen it and thought about it.

You’re calling me deeper. You desire to call me into the deep places and I ask that You would adjust me thinking according to Your Word and Your thinking.

I understand that, in order to see and participate in revival, I need for Heaven to change my thinking—just like the wise men. Lord, help me to see things from Your perspective. Show me where You are moving and help me to willingly and joyfully participate.

In Jesus’ Name,

This Simple Prayer Can Help You Experience More of the Holy Spirit


There is a principle in the book of Zechariah that applies to the present outpouring of the Holy Spirit: “Ask for rain in the time of rain” (Zech. 10:1). What does this mean?

How should we respond to the rain of outpouring? More than a prophecy of outpouring, it is a principle of outpouring. More than an Old Testament prophecy to be decoded within a New Testament framework, this statement in Zechariah 10 reveals something about how we are to respond to the rain of revival and outpouring: Ask for more! Ask for increase!

Throughout Scripture, rain has had a prophetic significance. There is something about water that speaks of the Spirit of God, and rain signifies an outpouring of living water.

The fact is, it’s been raining since the Book of Acts. It’s been raining since Peter got up on the Day of Pentecost and declared, “You are seeing what was written in Joel. Your eyes are beholding what was prophesied.” Peter announced that Pentecost marked the inauguration of a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would begin at that moment and continue and increase until the consummation of the age—until Jesus literally returned to the Earth.

From that point onward, there was no reversal. There was no going backward. There was no option of the New Testament church returning to an Old Testament paradigm. The Spirit was raining.

Where are we on Heaven’s divine timetable? Now what? Where are we in God’s divine timetable at this moment in history? Could it be that we are living in a dispensation—an era—sovereignly marked by God for unique outpouring and revival? Possibly.

More accurately, though, we are doing what Jesus Himself made reference to; we are pressing in to the present reality of the Kingdom of God (see Lk. 16:16). The violent are taking it by force. The power and the provisions of the Kingdom of God have been made available to us and belong to the children of God; there is no begging for what has already been bought, paid for, and placed in your account.

For us to beg God for outpouring reveals a few issues that need addressing: 1) We are behaving like orphans (beggars), so we need to get a fresh glimpse of our identity in Christ,; 2) We are asking for what has already been poured out, which means we need a fresh glimpse of what Jesus already made available. We are not begging God. We are not trying to twist His arm. We are not praying under the impression that the length, volume, or intensity of our prayer efforts have something to do with God relenting and opening His clenched fists, releasing a “blessing.”

Our prayers are intense, yes. They are fervent, of course. But it is a fervency resulting from the revelation of abundance, not lack. Our fervency is the result of a divine confrontation: We see the lifestyle that Jesus modeled for us and the early church demonstrated. We desire that. Miracles were normative. The church was a force of Kingdom effectiveness and power in the Earth. Entire regions and cities were transformed by the power of God.

We see these examples in Scriptures and something begins to burn within us: “Do it again, Lord!” There is NO reason why we shouldn’t be seeing such demonstrations of power … and GREATER! There is no reason why we should not be crying out for the sick to be healed, the oppressed to be delivered and even the dead to be RAISED.

The only reason I can give for why these things are NOT happening as normatively as they USED to is this: hundreds and hundreds of years of forgotten spiritual inheritance. Lost inheritance. The religious darkness of the middle ages. The seasons where the power of God and miracles were relegated to only a few saintly individuals, then to corrupt royalty, and then, to shrines and statues made of stone.

The supernatural was not only forgotten, but it was preached against because of its association with idolatry and false doctrine. And yet, there have always been men and women throughout the ages who pressed in to experience the reality of the Kingdom.

They were few and far between, yes, but they existed. Even church fathers who are believed to have taught against the supernatural witnessed God’s miraculous power in action.

Is it possible for cities, regions and nations to be transformed by God’s power? Now, we are standing at the dawn of a new day—entire communities of people are pressing into experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit! It’s no longer a scattered few, here and there. Churches are believing God for entire cities and regions to be transformed by His supernatural power. It’s coming! The day of “greater than Jonah” is at hand. We look to the preaching of Jonah at Nineveh as a benchmark for the supernatural, transformative power of God impacting cities. And yet, Jonah was a prophet under the Old Testament.

Jonah did NOT walk and live under an open Heaven like Spirit-filled saints do today. Jonah was not filled with presence and power of the Kingdom of God. Jonah was a vehicle that God used to release a message of repentance to a sinful city … and he was a broken vehicle at that! And yet, city-wide transformation took place in one of the most ruthless and sin-laden communities on the planet! If God could do it for Nineveh in the days of Jonah, I say “Lord, do it today! Save cities and regions! Bring entire communities people to repentance! Perform the miraculous in the open streets and marketplace!” I believe it’s coming. Do you know how I know this? Because a collective voice on Earth is finally saying “Amen” to everything Heaven has said “Yes” to.

The Spirit of God is awakening the church across the Earth to what she possesses in her spiritual account. He is awakening us to our full inheritance. Some mistakenly teach that because of this inheritance, we need to do nothing. This is false.

Yes, our account is full. Yes, we are sons and daughters and have received legal right to boldly enter in. Yes, Holy Spirit outpouring has been released since the Day of Pentecost… and is available NOW. The question: Who will receive it? Who will say “Amen” to everything God has said “Yes” to? Heaven is looking for a “Yes” from the Earth.

The hour of His Manifest Presence. This is not the hour of men or ministries; it is the hour of God’s Manifest Presence. Miracles will become commonplace, not because people seek out the miraculous, but because they seek God. His Presence is not some formula that, when inserted into your equation of prayer, produces your breakthrough. He is your breakthrough. He is your life. He is your breath. And He is becoming the essential need and deep desire of His people once again.

His Presence is everything to us, and it is Holy Spirit’s great delight to dwell in us, and with us. He dwells in every Christ-follower because of Jesus’ blood, but there is an increasing measure of His dwelling with us—among us – manifest in our communities because there is an increasing hunger to see the fullness of His power and presence released.

“More, Lord!” So posture your heart. Back in the 1990’s, the common cry in revival was “More, Lord!” This is the simple prayer and posture of the heart we need to assume to experience everything the Holy Spirit wants to release in our lives.More, Lord! This is not a statement of spiritual greed; rather, it is birthed from hearts that recognize one of the key characteristics of the Kingdom: It is ever advancing and increasing in nature: “Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end” (Isaiah 9:7, ESV). Heaven’s travel plan is from glory to glory (see 2 Cor. 3:18).

Until Jesus physically and visibly returns to the Earth and brings this age to a close, it is legal for us to pray prayers and live lives that press in for more.

Recently, at the Brownsville Revival 20th Anniversary Reunion, I was deeply moved by the Holy Spirit as He spoke to my heart: “Don’t be easily satisfied. My people are so easily satisfied when I have made so much available to them!”

Even if we perceive that we are thriving in “one level of glory” or one level of dynamic encounter with God, it is certainly cause to celebrate, but no reason to stagnate. Why? There is more. This is a key reality that we must present to an emerging generation if we expect them to give their lives wholly to God.

Praying a one-time prayer, going to church on Sunday, and trying their best to live moral lives won’t cut it. A generation must be told that the life yielded to God and filled with the Holy Spirit is a live of continuous Kingdom increase. No, this doesn’t mean life is without hardship or struggle. And No, the increase has nothing to do with finances and wealth. It is an increase of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us and desire to rest upon us in an increasing measure.

The Holy Spirit upon you! I am forever grateful that God deposited His Holy Spirit into my heart. I am endlessly thankful that I am sealed for Heaven and setup for eternity because of the regenerative power of God’s Spirit. While I live with gratitude for these realities, there is also another fact that we must consider: the Spirit who lives in us wants to demonstrate through us. He doesn’t come ONLY to get us to Heaven; He dwells within us to produce the fruit and power of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Well, I want everything that Holy Spirit has made available to me! How about you? I want to see the church operating in the fullness of His presence, exhibiting the purity of Jesus and manifesting the power of Jesus! I want gifts and fruit. I want character and power. It is absolute deception to believe it’s “one or the other.” Jesus never proposed such a theological framework: gifts or fruit. The Spirit of God deposits it ALL!

The challenge: Are we satisfied too easily? Are we settling for too little? I know I am. Remedy? Lift up your eyes. Look around. It’s raining. Can you see it? Can you feel it? The Holy Spirit is being poured out in powerfully, dramatic ways. How do we respond? Zechariah 10:1—”More, Lord!” More in my life! More in my family! More in my school! More in my business! More in my thought life! More in my words! More in my ministry! More in my church! More in my region! More what? More of everything that looks and sounds like Jesus. After all, such is the ultimate fruit of outpouring: Jesus Christ being more clearly revealed and glorified throughout the Earth!

Larry Sparks is co-author of the new book The Fire That Never Sleeps . He is a conference speaker, Charisma columnist, revivalist and vice president of publishing for Destiny Image. Larry travels and speaks, presenting a seminar on Igniting a Revival Lifestyle. In these sessions, he helps the church unlock dynamic keys from revival history that equip people today to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit as promised in Scripture and demonstrated throughout history. Larry holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University in Church History. Connect with Larry at LarryVSparks on Facebook or at

How Can Your Words Release the Spirit of Revival?


This word is for parents and pastors, for youth leaders and young adults alike. No one is off limits, as we all have a responsibility to see revival continue from generation to generation!

After all, it has always been God’s sovereign design that His kingdom should increase until the Last Day.

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end” (Is. 9:7).

The question: How do we participate in the increase of God’s kingdom on earth?

The answer: Identify the biblical KEY that will release faith to future generations.

The Key to Releasing Faith for Future Generations 

As the Holy Spirit continues to increase His activity, we must be intentional about thinking multi-generationally. In other words, every healing, miracle, breakthrough and reversed impossible situation that we witness today needs to become a story that we share and a testimony we transfer. I am convinced that tomorrow’s outpouring is wrapped up in today’s answered prayer. The key is stewardship of the stories and testimonies of God’s supernatural power.

Are we going to be like the good and faithful servant who invests the talents … and watches the kingdom increase (Matt. 25:19-23), or are we the wicked and lazy servant (Matt. 25:24-30) who digs a hole, selfishly buries our blessing—in other words, makes it all about us, our comfort and our happy life)—and shuts our mouth … when in fact, the very words that our mouths can release possess the supernatural power to ignite faith for future generations?

Your Mouth: The Womb of Revival

Your mouth is actually the womb of revival, as your words release testimonies that ignite faith … in both the present and for the future.

“One generation shall praise Your works to another and shall declare Your mighty acts” (Ps. 145:4).

Teaching the Word of God is important, but we are not living in a famine of teaching; we are in a famine of testimony. You’ve got world-class Bible teachers on Christian and secular TV stations. You’ve got bookstores overflowing with the latest best-selling Christian books. You’ve got music, digital downloads, millions of hours of teaching available on the Internet at your disposable, live streaming and the list goes on.

And yet the Bible was never meant simply to be taught, for people can be taught right into dead orthodoxy. People can be taught into stagnancy. People can be educated out of encounter. People can be theologized into theory. People can actually replace the Presence of God with the principles of His Word. Are the principles necessary? Absolutely. However, the principles were also meant to be married to the Presence.

This is what the Apostle Paul was saying to the Corinthians: “For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Cor. 3:6). Bible + Holy Spirit = God’s Divine Design. I repeat, our problem is not lack of teaching—even for youth and young adults. Entire programs, Bible studies, ministries and courses have been created with them in mind.

My question is: Are they encountering the One they are learning about?

If anyone knew something about sharing testimony multi-generationally it was King David. One could argue that Solomon’s reign and rule represent the fruit of David’s psalms, since his writings unveil his heart after God and posture before the Lord.

Could it be that David, in spite of his flaws and hang-ups, created such a culture of praise—where the works of God were discussed, celebrated and proclaimed—that Solomon’s very development as a child, young man and, ultimately, his adult life were shaped by stories of God’s supernatural power?

Result: Solomon ushered the people of God into a glorious golden age of reformation and transformation.

Speak Up … and Create Your Lasting Legacy!

Could it be that tomorrow’s reformation and transformation are hidden in the answered prayers of today? The key is learning how to steward YOUR breakthrough so THEY can experience the God revealed through your breakthrough.

We all want meaning and purpose, right? We all desire to leave behind a lasting legacy. I understand there are multiple dimensions to this, but one of the most important is our personal histories with God. Our stories and testimonies can outlive us.

Think of those leaders in the last hundred-plus years whose lives of supernatural power still cause generations today to hunger for the move of God: John G. Lake, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts and John Wimber, to name a handful. Their stories live on, even though they are now watching down from Heaven’s great cloud of witnesses, calling us forward!

Could it be that you sharing your stories of God’s miraculous healing power or deliverance from addiction or supernatural marriage restoration could shape how the next generation sees and interacts with God? Your stories shape the expectation level of the next generation.

If they never hear about the supernatural, they will not expect it.

If they never hear about the healing and delivering power of God, they won’t press in for it.

If they never hear about the gifts of the Spirit in operation, they will not earnestly desire them.

Your Stories Will Mess People Up (In all the Right Ways)

So, what’s my advice? Speak up, share your stories and create the greatest legacy imaginable! By being good stewards of what your eyes have seen God do, you get to participate in the increase of His kingdom. Think about it:

  • Your stories cause others to have supernatural faith!
  • Your stories introduce new possibilities into hopeless situations.
  • Your stories create disruption in the hearts of those who have been told “that’s impossible!”
  • Your stories can cause people to keep pressing through adversity and opposition.
  • Your stories, planted in the right soil, can yield multi-generational harvests beyond your ability to comprehend.

Why? Because your stories get into people. They invade their hearts. They mess up their minds. Stories make the Bible three-dimensional. I am not talking about information that is beyond Scripture; I am talking about 21st-century stories that illustrate what is clearly present throughout the Word of God. Scripture always remains the standard for our experience and I never want to settle for anything less.

I’m no idealist; I recognize that where I presently am is not in full alignment with the biblical standard or the model of Jesus. There’s no shame or guilt in this; only a divine sense of adventure and a relentless hunger to walk in every grace that Jesus’ blood purchased and the Spirit’s power made available.

For those of who you participated in the great revival movements of the 1990s—share the stories of how God’s power broke in at Brownsville and flooded the altars with repentant sinners.

Share about the times in Toronto where people were so deeply touched by the joy of the Lord that depression, suicide and fear were broken within seconds of experiencing God’s manifest presence.

Talk about those meetings where the glory of God’s tangible presence was so thick that healings started to sovereignly break out across the venue.

Once again, it’s all about what YOU do with what GOD has DONE! Are we going to settle for a drive-through breakthrough, or are we going to receive every miracle, every healing, every deliverance, every encounter with God and every answered prayer for what it is—a story that will reveal the reality, faithfulness, power and mighty acts of the Living God to future generations.

Larry Sparks is co-author of the new book, The Fire That Never Sleeps with Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick. He is a conference speaker, revivalist and vice president of publishing for Destiny Image. Larry travels and speaks, presenting a seminar on Igniting a Revival Lifestyle. In these sessions, he helps believers unlock dynamic keys from revival history that equip the church today to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit as promised in Scripture and demonstrated throughout history. Larry holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University in Church History. Connect with Larry through Facebook).

2014 Breakthrough Ministry Report


Dear Friend,

As we move into 2015, I encourage you to remember the mighty works that the Lord performed in 2014.

I know, I know. Every new year transition brings tremendous excitement, namely because we get to leave the old year behind and embrace a new beginning. A fresh start. Since our God specializes in the “upward and onward” direction, taking His people from glory to glory, we should absolutely celebrate forward momentum.

At the same time, the Bible is filled with the following directive: Remember. One of my favorite Scriptures is Psalm 77:11:

I will remember the LORD’s works. (HCSB)

The Message Bible paints the process of remembering this way:

Once again I’ll go over what GOD has done,
    lay out on the table the ancient wonders;
I’ll ponder all the things you’ve accomplished,
    and give a long, loving look at your acts. (Psalm 77:11-12)

I encourage you, even though 2014 may have brought pain, tragedy, or sorrow, be intentional to look for the great things that God did… even in the midst of difficulty. How we navigate the future is directly connected to the lessons we learned from our past histories with God. The past works of the Lord are not meant to be mere memorials of what God did back then, but the miracles and breakthroughs of yesterday are designed to shape our thinking today. What God did sets a precedent of what He can and will do… in even a greater measure.

For those of you who have followed my ministry journey this year, it has been quite an adventure… to say the least! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your prayers, encouragement, Facebook comments and messages—everything. Truly, the Lord did more than I could have hoped, dreamed or imagined.

Here is my best effort to remember what the Lord has done in 2014 and lay out on the table the wonders of His mighty works. I have been focusing, primarily, on three key areas: Writing, speaking, and media, all purposed equip Christians with tools and resources to experience a sustained lifestyle of passion and power with the Holy Spirit.

Writing Ministry.
Providing encouragement, tools and resources to believers on how to live the supernatural Christian life empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Breakthrough Healing e-book released (Destiny Image, February 14, 2014). It even broke into the Top Ten list in New Age/Healing category on Amazon! I consider that quite the triumph, since that is the very audience that could strongly benefit from the Jesus-centered approach of the book.



BreakthroughFaith_BannerAd-250x400Breakthrough Faith book and e-book released nationwide (Destiny Image, October 15, 2014). With a foreword from Jack Taylor, and endorsements from key leaders such as Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Sid Roth, Karen Wheaton and Dr. Vinson Synan, it was such an honor to release this book that has been 10 years in the making (but took about 4 months to actually write).



Charisma Magazine
featured my article, Why We Need Supernatural Manifestations in the Church Today.


Online Writings in Charisma
Also, it was an honor to contribute several other articles to Charisma News and Charisma Magazine. A complete listing of these articles can be found here:

Speaking Ministry.
Helping Christians encounter the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and enjoy sustained passion for Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

Speaking at the Ramp School of Ministry, September 2014

This year marked the launch of my itinerant speaking ministry. I was blessed to minister at the following locations:
–    The Ramp School of Ministry, Hamilton AL
–    The Ramp Church, Hamilton AL
–    Regent University, School of Divinity Chapel, Virginia Beach VA
–    Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach FL
–    Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Juno Beach FL
–    Covenant Center International, Palm Beach Gardens FL

I continued to host my weekly radio show Voice of Destiny, recorded two radio programs with Dr. Michael Brown on The Line of Fire, recorded TV programs for TBN’s Praise the Lord and iBurn TV, and concluded the year by recording both a radio interview and TV program with Sid Roth for It’s Supernatural.

Once again, thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support. It means the world to me.

This is not about celebrating the accolades of Larry Sparks; it’s about remembering the grace and the favor of Lord Jesus Christ. Truly, I have nothing to offer, but what I have freely received, I freely give.

Back in Summer of 1999, I had one encounter with the Holy Spirit that marked me for the rest of my life. In some way, shape or form, I desire to help others experience His Presence in the same way, so that their lives would become fueled by authentic passion and radical zeal for the only One Who truly satisfies.

May you walk in the greater things that are awaiting in 2015, while also remembering the great things of 2014.

Fueled by His fire,
Larry Sparks