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This Simple Prayer Can Help You Experience More of the Holy Spirit


There is a principle in the book of Zechariah that applies to the present outpouring of the Holy Spirit: “Ask for rain in the time of rain” (Zech. 10:1). What does this mean?

How should we respond to the rain of outpouring? More than a prophecy of outpouring, it is a principle of outpouring. More than an Old Testament prophecy to be decoded within a New Testament framework, this statement in Zechariah 10 reveals something about how we are to respond to the rain of revival and outpouring: Ask for more! Ask for increase!

Throughout Scripture, rain has had a prophetic significance. There is something about water that speaks of the Spirit of God, and rain signifies an outpouring of living water.

The fact is, it’s been raining since the Book of Acts. It’s been raining since Peter got up on the Day of Pentecost and declared, “You are seeing what was written in Joel. Your eyes are beholding what was prophesied.” Peter announced that Pentecost marked the inauguration of a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would begin at that moment and continue and increase until the consummation of the age—until Jesus literally returned to the Earth.

From that point onward, there was no reversal. There was no going backward. There was no option of the New Testament church returning to an Old Testament paradigm. The Spirit was raining.

Where are we on Heaven’s divine timetable? Now what? Where are we in God’s divine timetable at this moment in history? Could it be that we are living in a dispensation—an era—sovereignly marked by God for unique outpouring and revival? Possibly.

More accurately, though, we are doing what Jesus Himself made reference to; we are pressing in to the present reality of the Kingdom of God (see Lk. 16:16). The violent are taking it by force. The power and the provisions of the Kingdom of God have been made available to us and belong to the children of God; there is no begging for what has already been bought, paid for, and placed in your account.

For us to beg God for outpouring reveals a few issues that need addressing: 1) We are behaving like orphans (beggars), so we need to get a fresh glimpse of our identity in Christ,; 2) We are asking for what has already been poured out, which means we need a fresh glimpse of what Jesus already made available. We are not begging God. We are not trying to twist His arm. We are not praying under the impression that the length, volume, or intensity of our prayer efforts have something to do with God relenting and opening His clenched fists, releasing a “blessing.”

Our prayers are intense, yes. They are fervent, of course. But it is a fervency resulting from the revelation of abundance, not lack. Our fervency is the result of a divine confrontation: We see the lifestyle that Jesus modeled for us and the early church demonstrated. We desire that. Miracles were normative. The church was a force of Kingdom effectiveness and power in the Earth. Entire regions and cities were transformed by the power of God.

We see these examples in Scriptures and something begins to burn within us: “Do it again, Lord!” There is NO reason why we shouldn’t be seeing such demonstrations of power … and GREATER! There is no reason why we should not be crying out for the sick to be healed, the oppressed to be delivered and even the dead to be RAISED.

The only reason I can give for why these things are NOT happening as normatively as they USED to is this: hundreds and hundreds of years of forgotten spiritual inheritance. Lost inheritance. The religious darkness of the middle ages. The seasons where the power of God and miracles were relegated to only a few saintly individuals, then to corrupt royalty, and then, to shrines and statues made of stone.

The supernatural was not only forgotten, but it was preached against because of its association with idolatry and false doctrine. And yet, there have always been men and women throughout the ages who pressed in to experience the reality of the Kingdom.

They were few and far between, yes, but they existed. Even church fathers who are believed to have taught against the supernatural witnessed God’s miraculous power in action.

Is it possible for cities, regions and nations to be transformed by God’s power? Now, we are standing at the dawn of a new day—entire communities of people are pressing into experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit! It’s no longer a scattered few, here and there. Churches are believing God for entire cities and regions to be transformed by His supernatural power. It’s coming! The day of “greater than Jonah” is at hand. We look to the preaching of Jonah at Nineveh as a benchmark for the supernatural, transformative power of God impacting cities. And yet, Jonah was a prophet under the Old Testament.

Jonah did NOT walk and live under an open Heaven like Spirit-filled saints do today. Jonah was not filled with presence and power of the Kingdom of God. Jonah was a vehicle that God used to release a message of repentance to a sinful city … and he was a broken vehicle at that! And yet, city-wide transformation took place in one of the most ruthless and sin-laden communities on the planet! If God could do it for Nineveh in the days of Jonah, I say “Lord, do it today! Save cities and regions! Bring entire communities people to repentance! Perform the miraculous in the open streets and marketplace!” I believe it’s coming. Do you know how I know this? Because a collective voice on Earth is finally saying “Amen” to everything Heaven has said “Yes” to.

The Spirit of God is awakening the church across the Earth to what she possesses in her spiritual account. He is awakening us to our full inheritance. Some mistakenly teach that because of this inheritance, we need to do nothing. This is false.

Yes, our account is full. Yes, we are sons and daughters and have received legal right to boldly enter in. Yes, Holy Spirit outpouring has been released since the Day of Pentecost… and is available NOW. The question: Who will receive it? Who will say “Amen” to everything God has said “Yes” to? Heaven is looking for a “Yes” from the Earth.

The hour of His Manifest Presence. This is not the hour of men or ministries; it is the hour of God’s Manifest Presence. Miracles will become commonplace, not because people seek out the miraculous, but because they seek God. His Presence is not some formula that, when inserted into your equation of prayer, produces your breakthrough. He is your breakthrough. He is your life. He is your breath. And He is becoming the essential need and deep desire of His people once again.

His Presence is everything to us, and it is Holy Spirit’s great delight to dwell in us, and with us. He dwells in every Christ-follower because of Jesus’ blood, but there is an increasing measure of His dwelling with us—among us – manifest in our communities because there is an increasing hunger to see the fullness of His power and presence released.

“More, Lord!” So posture your heart. Back in the 1990’s, the common cry in revival was “More, Lord!” This is the simple prayer and posture of the heart we need to assume to experience everything the Holy Spirit wants to release in our lives.More, Lord! This is not a statement of spiritual greed; rather, it is birthed from hearts that recognize one of the key characteristics of the Kingdom: It is ever advancing and increasing in nature: “Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end” (Isaiah 9:7, ESV). Heaven’s travel plan is from glory to glory (see 2 Cor. 3:18).

Until Jesus physically and visibly returns to the Earth and brings this age to a close, it is legal for us to pray prayers and live lives that press in for more.

Recently, at the Brownsville Revival 20th Anniversary Reunion, I was deeply moved by the Holy Spirit as He spoke to my heart: “Don’t be easily satisfied. My people are so easily satisfied when I have made so much available to them!”

Even if we perceive that we are thriving in “one level of glory” or one level of dynamic encounter with God, it is certainly cause to celebrate, but no reason to stagnate. Why? There is more. This is a key reality that we must present to an emerging generation if we expect them to give their lives wholly to God.

Praying a one-time prayer, going to church on Sunday, and trying their best to live moral lives won’t cut it. A generation must be told that the life yielded to God and filled with the Holy Spirit is a live of continuous Kingdom increase. No, this doesn’t mean life is without hardship or struggle. And No, the increase has nothing to do with finances and wealth. It is an increase of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us and desire to rest upon us in an increasing measure.

The Holy Spirit upon you! I am forever grateful that God deposited His Holy Spirit into my heart. I am endlessly thankful that I am sealed for Heaven and setup for eternity because of the regenerative power of God’s Spirit. While I live with gratitude for these realities, there is also another fact that we must consider: the Spirit who lives in us wants to demonstrate through us. He doesn’t come ONLY to get us to Heaven; He dwells within us to produce the fruit and power of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Well, I want everything that Holy Spirit has made available to me! How about you? I want to see the church operating in the fullness of His presence, exhibiting the purity of Jesus and manifesting the power of Jesus! I want gifts and fruit. I want character and power. It is absolute deception to believe it’s “one or the other.” Jesus never proposed such a theological framework: gifts or fruit. The Spirit of God deposits it ALL!

The challenge: Are we satisfied too easily? Are we settling for too little? I know I am. Remedy? Lift up your eyes. Look around. It’s raining. Can you see it? Can you feel it? The Holy Spirit is being poured out in powerfully, dramatic ways. How do we respond? Zechariah 10:1—”More, Lord!” More in my life! More in my family! More in my school! More in my business! More in my thought life! More in my words! More in my ministry! More in my church! More in my region! More what? More of everything that looks and sounds like Jesus. After all, such is the ultimate fruit of outpouring: Jesus Christ being more clearly revealed and glorified throughout the Earth!

Larry Sparks is co-author of the new book The Fire That Never Sleeps . He is a conference speaker, Charisma columnist, revivalist and vice president of publishing for Destiny Image. Larry travels and speaks, presenting a seminar on Igniting a Revival Lifestyle. In these sessions, he helps the church unlock dynamic keys from revival history that equip people today to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit as promised in Scripture and demonstrated throughout history. Larry holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University in Church History. Connect with Larry at LarryVSparks on Facebook or at

How Can Your Words Release the Spirit of Revival?


This word is for parents and pastors, for youth leaders and young adults alike. No one is off limits, as we all have a responsibility to see revival continue from generation to generation!

After all, it has always been God’s sovereign design that His kingdom should increase until the Last Day.

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end” (Is. 9:7).

The question: How do we participate in the increase of God’s kingdom on earth?

The answer: Identify the biblical KEY that will release faith to future generations.

The Key to Releasing Faith for Future Generations 

As the Holy Spirit continues to increase His activity, we must be intentional about thinking multi-generationally. In other words, every healing, miracle, breakthrough and reversed impossible situation that we witness today needs to become a story that we share and a testimony we transfer. I am convinced that tomorrow’s outpouring is wrapped up in today’s answered prayer. The key is stewardship of the stories and testimonies of God’s supernatural power.

Are we going to be like the good and faithful servant who invests the talents … and watches the kingdom increase (Matt. 25:19-23), or are we the wicked and lazy servant (Matt. 25:24-30) who digs a hole, selfishly buries our blessing—in other words, makes it all about us, our comfort and our happy life)—and shuts our mouth … when in fact, the very words that our mouths can release possess the supernatural power to ignite faith for future generations?

Your Mouth: The Womb of Revival

Your mouth is actually the womb of revival, as your words release testimonies that ignite faith … in both the present and for the future.

“One generation shall praise Your works to another and shall declare Your mighty acts” (Ps. 145:4).

Teaching the Word of God is important, but we are not living in a famine of teaching; we are in a famine of testimony. You’ve got world-class Bible teachers on Christian and secular TV stations. You’ve got bookstores overflowing with the latest best-selling Christian books. You’ve got music, digital downloads, millions of hours of teaching available on the Internet at your disposable, live streaming and the list goes on.

And yet the Bible was never meant simply to be taught, for people can be taught right into dead orthodoxy. People can be taught into stagnancy. People can be educated out of encounter. People can be theologized into theory. People can actually replace the Presence of God with the principles of His Word. Are the principles necessary? Absolutely. However, the principles were also meant to be married to the Presence.

This is what the Apostle Paul was saying to the Corinthians: “For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Cor. 3:6). Bible + Holy Spirit = God’s Divine Design. I repeat, our problem is not lack of teaching—even for youth and young adults. Entire programs, Bible studies, ministries and courses have been created with them in mind.

My question is: Are they encountering the One they are learning about?

If anyone knew something about sharing testimony multi-generationally it was King David. One could argue that Solomon’s reign and rule represent the fruit of David’s psalms, since his writings unveil his heart after God and posture before the Lord.

Could it be that David, in spite of his flaws and hang-ups, created such a culture of praise—where the works of God were discussed, celebrated and proclaimed—that Solomon’s very development as a child, young man and, ultimately, his adult life were shaped by stories of God’s supernatural power?

Result: Solomon ushered the people of God into a glorious golden age of reformation and transformation.

Speak Up … and Create Your Lasting Legacy!

Could it be that tomorrow’s reformation and transformation are hidden in the answered prayers of today? The key is learning how to steward YOUR breakthrough so THEY can experience the God revealed through your breakthrough.

We all want meaning and purpose, right? We all desire to leave behind a lasting legacy. I understand there are multiple dimensions to this, but one of the most important is our personal histories with God. Our stories and testimonies can outlive us.

Think of those leaders in the last hundred-plus years whose lives of supernatural power still cause generations today to hunger for the move of God: John G. Lake, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts and John Wimber, to name a handful. Their stories live on, even though they are now watching down from Heaven’s great cloud of witnesses, calling us forward!

Could it be that you sharing your stories of God’s miraculous healing power or deliverance from addiction or supernatural marriage restoration could shape how the next generation sees and interacts with God? Your stories shape the expectation level of the next generation.

If they never hear about the supernatural, they will not expect it.

If they never hear about the healing and delivering power of God, they won’t press in for it.

If they never hear about the gifts of the Spirit in operation, they will not earnestly desire them.

Your Stories Will Mess People Up (In all the Right Ways)

So, what’s my advice? Speak up, share your stories and create the greatest legacy imaginable! By being good stewards of what your eyes have seen God do, you get to participate in the increase of His kingdom. Think about it:

  • Your stories cause others to have supernatural faith!
  • Your stories introduce new possibilities into hopeless situations.
  • Your stories create disruption in the hearts of those who have been told “that’s impossible!”
  • Your stories can cause people to keep pressing through adversity and opposition.
  • Your stories, planted in the right soil, can yield multi-generational harvests beyond your ability to comprehend.

Why? Because your stories get into people. They invade their hearts. They mess up their minds. Stories make the Bible three-dimensional. I am not talking about information that is beyond Scripture; I am talking about 21st-century stories that illustrate what is clearly present throughout the Word of God. Scripture always remains the standard for our experience and I never want to settle for anything less.

I’m no idealist; I recognize that where I presently am is not in full alignment with the biblical standard or the model of Jesus. There’s no shame or guilt in this; only a divine sense of adventure and a relentless hunger to walk in every grace that Jesus’ blood purchased and the Spirit’s power made available.

For those of who you participated in the great revival movements of the 1990s—share the stories of how God’s power broke in at Brownsville and flooded the altars with repentant sinners.

Share about the times in Toronto where people were so deeply touched by the joy of the Lord that depression, suicide and fear were broken within seconds of experiencing God’s manifest presence.

Talk about those meetings where the glory of God’s tangible presence was so thick that healings started to sovereignly break out across the venue.

Once again, it’s all about what YOU do with what GOD has DONE! Are we going to settle for a drive-through breakthrough, or are we going to receive every miracle, every healing, every deliverance, every encounter with God and every answered prayer for what it is—a story that will reveal the reality, faithfulness, power and mighty acts of the Living God to future generations.

Larry Sparks is co-author of the new book, The Fire That Never Sleeps with Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick. He is a conference speaker, revivalist and vice president of publishing for Destiny Image. Larry travels and speaks, presenting a seminar on Igniting a Revival Lifestyle. In these sessions, he helps believers unlock dynamic keys from revival history that equip the church today to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit as promised in Scripture and demonstrated throughout history. Larry holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University in Church History. Connect with Larry through Facebook).

Can Brownsville Revival Lightning Strike Again?


It started out like a normal, Sunday morning service. Little did everyone know that Father’s Day, 1995, would go down in history as the beginning of one of the most powerful revival movements that would ever touch the United States.

On this day, lightning from heaven struck Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, not simply launching a five year series of sustained revival meetings, but loudly declaring to an often lukewarm American church that Great Awakening was possible … for whosoever was willing to pursue God with revived zeal! Brownsville did not attract global crowds through cutting edge media presentations or seeker sensitive gimmicks. Rather, it was the presence of God that brought the world to this local church in the Florida panhandle!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Brownsville Revival, I have edited a book co-authored by Brownsville leaders, Dr. Michael Brown and Pastor John Kilpatrick, called The Fire That Never Sleeps. This is not a nostalgia tour, focusing simply on what happened “20 years ago … when God moved.” God is moving now! You will quickly see that, even though the volume shares some of the powerful Brownsville testimony, your heart will be stirred afresh to cry out for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life and your world, today! If God could bring the nations to Pensacola, Florida, back in 1995, just imagine what He could do today.

A Supernatural Father’s Day Gift

There was nothing particularly abnormal about the day when the Brownsville Revival broke out.

Good-sized crowds showed up for the services. Families were getting ready for special lunches in observation of the holiday. Evangelist Steve Hill, however, started preaching a very different kind of Father’s Day message.

From the moment Hill began delivering his sermon, he was already excited and expectant about the altar call. He kept telling everyone, “Folks, God is going to move this morning!” At the time, John Kilpatrick, senior pastor of the Brownsville church, was not as confident. “Yeah, sure, Steve,” he mumbled under his breath. “I’ve heard this before.”

After all, it’s common jargon in Pentecostal/charismatic services. “God is going to move” could mean anything from someone getting baptized in the Holy Spirit to the choir delivering a stirring musical performance. No one was fully prepared for how God would show up that day … even though, Kilpatrick and the church community of Brownsville Assembly had been preparing the way for 2 1/2 years by praying for revival.

At the end of the service, when Hill gave the invitation for people to come forward to the altar—for salvation or any other personal need—about one thousand responded. This is when heaven’s lightning struck.

The Wind of God Blows In

Kilpatrick recalls, “Suddenly, I felt a wind blow through my legs, just like in the second chapter of the Book of Acts. Both of my ankles flipped over so that I could hardly stand.” The experience intensified. “I wondered what in the world was going on. I stood on the side of my ankles, unable to get my footing. Finally, I asked a friend to come over and help me. He lifted my legs by pulling on my pants and helped me walk back up the platform. At that point, I took the microphone and said, ‘Folks, this is it. The Lord is here! Get in, get in!'”

It was then where theology became personal experience for Kilpatrick, who said: “I had preached about the glory of God and the presence of God, but up until that point, had never fully experienced what I spoke about. As the Spirit fell that morning, I remember Steve walking by me and simply waving his hand in my direction, saying ‘More, Lord!’ I hit the marble floor like a ton of bricks—like I weighed 10,000 pounds. I laid on that floor from 12:30 through 4:00pm, until some men finally were able to get me up.”

So it was, on Father’s Day, 1995, the power of God invaded Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. A city known for its tourism and white sandy beaches became the global epicenter for a revival that has been considered to be one of the most significant in America’s history. From that day onward, Brownsville became an international hub of revival. From 1995-2000, it is estimated that over 4 million people visited the Pensacola outpouring and that tens of thousands either became first-time converts to Christ or experienced radical rededications.

Did God send a fresh wind of Holy Spirit visitation to His people in the 1990s? Perhaps the more relevant and pressing question is: Could there be another Great Awakening like Brownsville in the church today … and on even a greater scale?

If so, are there ways that the Christian community can more effectively partner with how the Holy Spirit is moving in order to sustain revival and awakening?

Can Revival Be Sustained?

Some may look at a revival movement like Brownsville today and ask, Why did the revival end? What happened? Dr. Evan Horton, current senior pastor of Brownsville Assembly of God, commented, “Even though the revival services have ceased, the spirit of revival continues.” Make no mistake, meetings or church services may conclude, but the impact of revival is long lasting. The key is appropriately defining revival. For sure, revival is not extended services or special meetings; it is the unusual visitation of God’s presence that deeply impacts the church and ultimately transforms culture.

Even though the Brownsville meetings stopped around the year 2000, many of the people who were touched by the Holy Spirit during that period of time have gone on to perform mighty exploits for the Lord around the world, fueled by revival fire.

Dr. Michael Brown, who served as president of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, notes that “since the birth of FIRE School of Ministry in 2001, we have trained more than 1,300 students, some of whom now serve in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, reaching Muslims and others with the gospel. Others are bearing fruit all over America and in the nations, still carrying the same fire and still raising the same holy standard.”

While many use the language of “revival,” it appears that God wants to do something bigger—greater in scope. Revival is intended to change the blueprint of how church is done. John Kilpatrick is often quoted saying that “once you taste revival, church-as-usual never satisfies you again.” This is exactly what revival is purposed to do. It is heaven’s way of jump-starting Jesus’ original agenda for the church, bringing it back to the New Testament standard and making Christianity a transformative agent in the world again.

Mike Bickle, senior leader of International House of Prayer in Kansas City, defines how true revival should be measured: “Revival is not about buildings, meetings or church services. A move of God’s Spirit is not measured by the quantity of gatherings; its success rate is evaluated by the quality of Christianity produced in the lives of those who were impacted.”

During the Brownsville Revival, there was no social media or live Internet streaming. News simply went out through word of mouth, television, news and print. Word simply got out that God was moving in Pensacola, Florida, and soon, the world showed up at Brownsville Assembly of God. With what the church has access to today, how much greater of a spiritual outpouring could be waiting at our door?

If revival lightning strikes again—and the church is positioned to receive and steward it—could it be that the next Great Awakening might bring in the greatest evangelistic harvest in history?

Larry Sparks is co-author of the new book The Fire That Never Sleeps with Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick. He is a conference speaker, revivalist and vice president of publishing for Destiny Image. Larry travels and speaks, presenting a seminar on Igniting a Revival Lifestyle. In these sessions, he helps believers unlock dynamic keys from revival history that equip the church today to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit as promised in Scripture and demonstrated throughout history. Larry holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University in Church History.

Secrets to Praying for Revival From the Apostle Paul and Jesus

Though we are to love the soon-coming appearance of the Lord (2 Tim. 4:8), and eagerly await His Parousia, there is a great harvest to reap for the kingdom.

Many focus on the increasing advancement of darkness, dwelling on a more dismal eschatology where the world ultimately culminates in apocalyptic disaster. While there are certainly signs of encroaching darkness, the church also needs to pay close attention to other “signs of the times.” We often get so focused on end-times speculation that we neglect our stewardship of the massive Holy Spirit outpouring that is taking place before our very eyes!

This is why I am so thrilled about the release of Jennifer LeClaire’s timely new book, The Next Great Move of God. It was my absolute honor to offer a small contribution to this landmark work, as LeClaire introduces you to God’s expansive supernatural movement throughout the earth, offering a multitude of different perspectives—from Billy Graham to Dutch Sheets, from Reinhard Bonnke to Jonathan Cahn—on what the Holy Spirit is presently doing and saying.

Across the denominational spectrum, there is emerging a great hunger and great hope. One collective voice is rising in the midst of darkness, making an appeal to heaven that the lost would be saved, prodigals would come home, that normal Christianity would be restored, and that the miraculous would one again follow the bold proclamation of the gospel.

How Did the Apostle Paul Pray for Revival?

When considering a fresh perspective on revival, I cannot help but think of how the Apostle Paul uniquely encouraged believers to pray for spiritual outpouring. Recently, I asked myself the question: How often did the apostle Paul pray for revival? The answer might shock you: He didn’t pray for revival once throughout the New Testament … at least not the way we are used to praying for it.

In the same way that Paul didn’t give us templates for quick-fix prayers (how often do we see Paul asking God to completely extract him from difficult circumstances or shield him from adversity?), the pioneering apostolic voice of the New Testament never mentioned revival. And yet, I believe the prayers that Paul gives us are some of the most necessary and powerful when it comes to unleashing the supernatural standard of Christianity that the church should be walking in.

So, what do we do with the fact that Paul didn’t pray for revival? How does this impact our revival theology today?

How Did Jesus Pray for Revival?

We answer the Paul question by taking a step further and asking the question: How did Jesus pray for revival? After all, one could also conclude that Jesus never talked about revival either.

Really though, did Jesus, the Apostle Paul or the early church community need what we often define as “revival?” No. Revival was normal Christianity for them. One definition of revival, as proposed by Dr. Michael Brown, is that it is a “return to normal.” Jesus didn’t need revival because He lived, breathed and modeled normal Christianity.

Everything that normally accompanies revival—preaching of repentance, demonstration of the kingdom, signs, wonders, deliverance, healing and salvation, family reconciliation, restoration of the backslidden and prodigals—followed Jesus’ ministry as the norm, not the exception.

The same was true for the Apostle Paul … and the early church for about the first 300 years of Christianity. Then something shifted … and we have been recovering from that shift ever since. This is why we need revival and need to pay attention to how the Holy Spirit is moving in the world right now.

How Did Everything Stop Being ‘Normal?’

Consider this brief observation of the unfolding of church history, following the early apostolic community:

  • The church became highly politicized and exchanged supernatural power for popularity and worldly influence. It became socially acceptable to become a Christian, thus making it easy for people to become “casual believers.”
  • The house of God became identified more as an opulent building or cathedral than a redeemed human temple.
  • The miracles, signs and wonders that followed Jesus and the early believers became exclusively reserved for remarkable, superior saints who proved themselves exceptional above their peers.
  • The “normal” people were either directed to shrines to receive healing prayer or were discouraged altogether from praying for miracles, since sickness and torment became signs of sanctification.
  • The Christian cosmology shifted from a “warfare” model—one that saw the church as anointed and empowered to advance God’s kingdom on Earth, overthrowing opposing demonic spiritual forces—to a “blueprint” view, where everything that happened in life was the result of “God’s sovereign will.”
Would the Awakened Church Please Stand Up?

The more you follow this unfortunate unfolding of church history, the more you witness the progressive departure from God’s original design for His redeemed community. Yet, Jesus’ mission statement for the church has never changed:

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven” (Matt. 16:19, NASB).

Where is the church that Jesus introduced—one that forbids the advancement of darkness, while partnering with the Holy Spirit to unlock God’s Kingdom? She is here, right now, on the earth. Unfortunately, the very community that has been given keys of authority to unlock Heaven and bind hell is all too often a people living in a perpetual identity crisis, in desperate need of awakening.

Yet, there is stirring. A rumbling is being felt in the spirit realm.

An appeal to heaven is being offered up from voices on the earth.

It may be a few voices spread out in different cities and regions throughout the world, but their cries are part of a great intercessory concert that is coming into agreement with the purposes of heaven.

The church is being awakened. This is what Paul called us to pray for—not just when things get really bad, but all the time. Seems to me that he was more interested in sustaining a supernatural lifestyle than pursuing an electric spiritual jolt every so often.

So how did the Apostle Paul pray for revival?

“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people” (Eph. 1:18, NIV).

He prayed for opened, enlightened eyes. How is this important? Rather than calling some new outpouring of God down from heaven, the church needs to become awakened to the priceless inheritance that she has already received in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

I’m convinced that a vital part of the next great move of God will involve the awakening of God’s people to every single grace Jesus’ blood made accessible to the church. It’s not about convincing God to give us something new; it’s about repenting for not stewarding the riches that the precious blood of Christ has given us legal, biblical access to. We’re not begging God for anything; we’re awakening to what it realty looks like to be a Christ-follower, nation-discipler and kingdom ambassador.

Join in the Next Great Move of God

If you want to have a better understanding of how the Holy Spirit is moving right now—and you long to partner with Him in participating in this next great move of God, I encourage you to pick up Jennifer’s book, The Next Great Move of God. More than just another book to buy, you are reading a roadmap to revival that will give you insights from different generals of the faith on how to experience personal awakening that ultimately leads to Great Awakening in the church and reformation throughout the earth.

Larry Sparks is author of the book Breakthrough Faith: Living a Life Where Anything Is Possible, and co-author of the upcoming book The Fire That Never Sleeps, with Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick (June 16). Larry is a columnist for Charisma, teacher and revivalist who is committed to training the body of Christ through three key seminars: 1) Sustaining a Lifestyle of Revival, 2) Revival in Media, and 3) Breakthrough Faith. Featured on CBN, TBN, and Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Larry is passionate about raising up communities who usher in regional revival and awakening. You can visit his website at Also, you can “like” Larry on Facebook (LarryVSparks) and Twitter (@LarryVSparks) to receive empowerment keys to experience and sustain a revival lifestyle.