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The 1 Lie Millions of Christians Are Believing About the Holy Spirit

Why are millions of Christians believing this lie from the enemy? 

When the devil wants to hijack the advancement of God’s people, he introduces subtle, yet destructive deceptions. Deceptions that are easy for us to embrace as truth, even though they are not presented in Scripture … anywhere!

I want us to consider one of these deceptions and its severe implications to every single Christian or church who has bought into the lie.

Why Does the Devil Hate the Holy Spirit?

One of the enemy’s favorite topics to target is the Holy Spirit. This is no coincidence. The more the enemy can confuse the church about the role of Holy Spirit, the more he can gain influence.

Consider this. The very Spirit of God that empowers ordinary men and women to be a restraining force to darkness in the earth has become reduced to being a controversial doctrine that we tolerate, at best, and ignore, at worst. This should not be so!

Satan hates Holy Spirit intensely for one key reason. The Christian who fully embraces the revelation that he or she is actually filled with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead becomes a spiritual Joshua or Caleb who enters into and releases the promise land of heaven on earth. We begin thinking, speaking, and acting like people who are, quite literally, possessed by God. Surely, this throws a wrench into Satan’s diabolical plans.

This is why the enemy so persistently perpetuates lies about the Spirit. He’s done this since the beginning of church history, causing division about how equal (or non-equal) the Holy Spirit is to God the Father and God the Son. Controversy has continued all the way up into our modern era, where everything from speaking in tongues to the continuation of miracles to being “slain in the Spirit” is on the table for theological debate and division. Yet, while Christians are dividing over the Spirit, darkness is gaining ground. This must stop if we are going to see a great worldwide revival prior to the Second Coming of Jesus.

The Lie that is Impacting Millions

There is a lie that is being widely circulating in the evangelical (and yes, even the charismatic) church that shuts down expectation concerning the Spirit’s movement. In many ways, this lie is robbing the people of God from embracing (let alone sustaining) the supernatural culture that is the inheritance of every single believer. So, what’s the lie?

Have you ever heard someone say, The Holy Spirit wouldn’t do that … remember, He’s a gentleman. That’s the lie right there. “He’s a gentleman.” We’ve taken this to mean that the Spirit of God will not move with unusual power or force. He won’t make us uncomfortable. That’s a lie. You know how I know? Because God’s chief concern is not mankind’s comfort; it’s His kingdom.

Jesus never seemed to consider comfort when he healed the sick or drove out demons. These kingdom-advancing activities always brought great freedom, while simultaneously attracting significant reproach from the religious community.

This false idea about the Holy Spirit has put a ceiling on what we are expecting from God in our lives, church services and in our world today. As C.S. Lewis wrote of Aslan, “He’s not a tame lion, but he is good.” Yes, the Holy Spirit comes to faithfully represent King Jesus who is kind, compassionate, gentle and caring. Yet, this Jesus is also a King, Warrior and Conqueror. He is Lamb, yes, but also Lion. He blesses little children one moment and casts out devils in the next.

I don’t want a containable, in-a-box Jesus. Likewise, why should we place the same expectation on Holy Spirit?

I’m most concerned about the definition we’ve assigned to “gentleman.” While I don’t believe the Holy Spirit forcibly causes us to experience something we don’t want to, my concern is how we have lowered our expectations of what He can do, will do, or wants to do. Even Charismatic communities tremble at the prospect of “opening the service up” to the Spirit, in fear of what He might do.

Is there risk? Always. Is there potential for disorder? Certainly. As long as human beings are involved, you will have those who behave out of order. Is it worth it all to watch God crash in and transform people’s lives forever? Ask John and Carol Arnott, pastors of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship during the Toronto Blessing. Ask John Kilpatrick as he pastored the Brownsville Revival. Ask Steve and Kathy Gray, leaders of Smithton Community Church. Ask Randy Clark and Heidi Baker. Ask Bill Johnson and Leif Hetland. Ask Dr. Michael Brown and R.T. Kendall. The answer is yes. To pay the price of risk and experience the move of God in exchange is always worth it.

Consider the multiple scriptural accounts of how the Holy Spirit moves. In the Old Testament, he comes upon the judges and prophets with great power, anointing them for supernatural exploits. Even from His grand entrance on the Day of Pentecost, it’s quite obvious that He’s not tame. He invaded that upper room as a mighty rushing wind (Acts 2:2-3) and it’s been His will to bring heaven’s mighty transformation ever since. So why aren’t we seeing it as much today?

Larry Sparks is co-author of the book, The Fire That Never Sleeps, with Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick. Larry’s mission is to help teach all believers how to experience and sustain personal revival—enjoying a deep relationship with God through encountering the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. To this end, he maintains a blog through Charisma magazine, is a published author, teaches revival seminars, and is the co-founder of Renewing South Florida, an organization committed to uniting the local church for regional outpouring. Larry holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University and presently serves as vice president of publishing for Destiny Image Publishers.

How Will Women Usher in the Next Great Move of God?


From the book of Genesis onward, Satan has been on a mission to restrain woman from fulfilling her destiny as a co-heir and co-laborer with Christ. Yes, she is different and unique. Yet in Christ, she is qualified to rise up and boldly release the authority of Heaven on Earth. It’s only when this mandate is fully restored, and its expression is encouraged in the church that we will begin to see Holy Spirit outpouring demonstrated in a more complete and dynamic way. As long as woman is restrained from preaching and prophesying, Biblically speaking, we are only going to experience a trickle of revival when God wills a river. This is because we are negating an entire gender.

I write from the vantage point of a man who is desperate to see the church operate in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Responsively, I firmly believe that how we (men and church leaders alike) treat our sisters in Christ has everything to do with the measure of revival we all experience. This is absolutely Biblical, for when Holy Spirit outpouring is Biblically defined—both prophetically in Joel and then actually comes to fruition in Acts—women are specifically identified as those qualified to prophesy and participate in the move of God. The restorative work of Jesus truly leveled the playing field, making it possible for men and women alike to participate in releasing the power of Heaven on Earth: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal. 3:28, NIV).

As long as the devil is able to restrain women from taking their vital place in the body of Christ, he is likewise able to restrain a measure of revival and outpouring from flowing from the church and into the world. How is this even possible—and more importantly, is the concept Scriptural?

What is Clogging up the River of Revival?
There has been an age-old war raging between Satan and woman, the serpent and the Seed of the woman: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring[e] and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” (Gen. 3:15, ESV)

Why are the efforts of hell so strategically targeted against women—specifically, trying to prevent women from occupying positions of leadership and authority? She is a unique and absolutely essential part of bringing the culture of Heaven to Earth, unlocking the river of Holy Spirit outpouring that has been flowing since the Day of Pentecost. Make no mistake, the Holy Spirit has been moving since Pentecost; however, it seems as though His movement has been flowing with some hindrances, restrictions and barriers during specific seasons in history.

There barriers are not on God’s end; they are on man’s. Jesus’ blood sealed the deal and the day of Pentecost made God accessible to whosoever will receive the saving work of Jesus. In other words, God ensured that every barrier was removed so that you and I could be filled with His Spirit, walk in communion with Him, and release His Kingdom on Earth. So why aren’t we seeing this happen in a greater way? There are man-made barriers we need to confront. One of the most significant and unaddressed is how women can be marginalized in the body of Christ.

If the Spirit’s outpouring was truly without restriction, then we would have no need for what we call “revival” or awakening; those seasons of unusual visitation become essential when the people of God engage in practices or entertain mindsets that build spiritual dams preventing the free flow of the Holy Spirit. He wants to move without restraint.

Sadly, one of the great dams and barriers to the Spirit’s unrestricted flow in our world today is the restriction of women. When we restrict women from rising up and walking in the anointing to lead and prophesy, I believe we are—in part—restricting the Holy Spirit’s movement on Earth.

Before I continue further, if you are looking for solid Scriptural support for why women should be in leadership, I encourage you to check out Why Not Women by Loren Cunningham and David Joel Hamilton, Fashioned to Reign by Kris Vallotton, or Ten Lies the Church Tells Women by J. Lee Grady.

Break the Restraints to Revival…
As long as the “daughters” are restrained from coming alongside the sons to prophesy, we will not fully experience the full measure of revival that God wills for the church to experience and the world desperately yearns to be transformed by. In fact, God more than wills it; He has already made it available! God has already said “Amen” to a landscape-shifting revival; however, the ears are God are bending close to Earth, listening for those who say a whole-hearted “Yes” to everything He has made available. When men are the only ones who think they are qualified to say “Yes” to the call of God, revival is not being released in the full measure that Heaven has mandated.

When God spoke through the prophet Joel, He made Heaven’s end-times agenda of outpouring and revival abundantly clear:

And it will be that, afterwards,
I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
then your sons and your daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
and your young men will see visions. (Joel 2:28, MEV)

If we didn’t get the point in verse 28, the Lord emphasizes in verse 29:

Even on the menservants and maidservants
in those days I will pour out My Spirit.

As we know, the fulfillment to this prophetic announcement began in Acts 2 and has been continuing ever since. While there is undeniably an element of God’s sovereignty involved in seasons of “revival,” I have to ask: Could it be that one of the keys that positions the body of Christ for moving in sustained revival is the emergence of prophesying daughters? For centuries, the role of the “sons” has basically been assumed. There are really no questions or arguments over the leadership capabilities of men in a church context; however, a woman speaking, teaching, prophesying or leading is often the subject of considerable controversy. This ought not be!

Women Have Biblically Been on the Frontlines of God’s Activity on Earth
Throughout history, God’s daughters and maidservants have been positioned on the frontlines of historic Holy Spirit outpouring. Sometimes they were dynamic public figures, pioneering revolutions and preaching the Gospel. Sometimes they were hidden in the prayer closet, literally contending for Heaven to invade Earth through intercession. Either way, these women witnessed the fruit of their impassioned cries and dynamic efforts, be it during their lifetime or looking down from Heaven.

In the Old Testament, women are on the frontlines of battle, judging the nation, and providing refuge to the spies of Israel as they conquered Jericho. Women open and conclude the Gospels, ushering the Messiah into the Earth and then, beholding Him in resurrected form. Elizabeth gives birth to John the Baptist, the forerunner. You have others such as businesswoman Priscilla (Acts 18:2-3), Junia (who many scholars recognize as an apostolic figure, Rom. 16:7), and the virgin daughters of Philip the Evangelist, who were prophets (Acts 21:9). You have the Samaritan woman in John 4 who encounters Jesus, leaves her waterpot, and preaches to the men of her city. As a result, they all experience a divine visitation from the Savior. Women are the first at the tomb to behold the resurrection miracle and receive instruction to share the good news with the apostles. And of course, there is the definitive woman of the Bible—Mary, the one whose womb delivered the Savior who delivered us from our sins, ensured that humanity could be indwelt by God, and ultimately, birthed a revolution that would reconnect Heaven to Earth.

It goes without saying that God has favored His daughters and has strategically set them on the frontlines of history. When God moved, it seemed like women were always there on the cutting edge of His activity. Elizabeth birthed a prophet. Mary birthed the Messiah. The Canaanite woman demonstrated a faith in Jesus that prematurely drew in a reality—the Kingdom of God being opened up to the Gentiles—that was reserved for the post-resurrection timeframe (Matthew 15:28). These women all knew about collaborating with God and birthing Heaven on Earth.

Women Have Historically Been on the Frontlines of God’s Activity on Earth
Just review the pages of history. Revival after revival, movement after movement, has seen prominent women serving as forerunners for what the Holy Spirit was saying and doing in that hour.

Maria Woodworth-Etter introduced people to the Pentecostal experience before Pentecostalism became a formal movement within Christianity (in the 20th century). Her meetings were quite extraordinary. The Gospel of Jesus was always central, but the supernatural phenomena that occurred in that context was truly otherworldly. Healings, miracles, prophetic trances—even those who came to mock these meetings experienced encounters with God.

Aimee Semple McPherson was revolutionary in making the church experience relevant, interesting, and engaging, while also being a stalwart champion of God’s miracle healing power. While McPherson was renowned for her engaging Gospel presentations, often drawing celebrities and Hollywood notables to her services at Angelus Temple, she did not back down from preaching the uncompromised Gospel… and preaching it in the power of signs and wonders.

Kathryn Kuhlman could be best described as a friend of the Holy Spirit. She did not chase after healing miracles, nor did she ever claim to be a faith healer or miracle worker. She rejected such descriptions. Kathryn was an evangelist, who passionately pleaded for people to meet her precious Jesus. She preached the Gospel with clarity, love, compassion, and gentleness—and healing broke out. Truly, Kathryn enjoyed such close fellowship with the Holy Spirit, that when she walked onto a stage, audiences recognized that she was not alone; she was overshadowed by His presence.

These are three examples among the multitudes. I could go on and on about daughters who said “Yes” to God’s call and have been changing the landscape of Christianity, both then and now. Joyce Meyer is a no-nonsense Spirit-filled teacher and preacher, anointed to help make the Scriptures practical for everyday living. Marilyn Hickey, now in her 80’s, is preaching the Gospel with boldness overseas (in some very difficult to reach areas), with mighty healing and miracles following her presentation. Cindy Jacobs is a prophetic and intercessory strategist who contends with Heaven for revival and reformation. Australian worship leader, Darlene Zschech, was a key catalyst in the mid-1990’s, used to release the sounds of Heaven into the Earth and help pioneer the modern worship movement. Karen Wheaton has led a youth movement in the backwoods of Hamilton, AL for fifteen years, raising up the next generation to usher in awakening. Heidi Baker has given her life to seeing the nation of Mozambique transformed by the love of Jesus—and in doing so, she and her husband founded IRIS Ministries which has seen over a million people come to Christ, churches built across the Earth, the sick healed, and even the dead raised. The list continues and grows very long!

So as women, why does the enemy war against you and try to keep you from taking your place?
Here are three ways that women uniquely usher in revival and crush the devil. Make no mistake, the enemy doesn’t want God’s daughters to live mindful of these realities!

1. Women give birth to the impossible and remind Satan of his eternal defeat. Mary was not some otherworldly super-being; she was an ordinary teenaged girl upon receiving her summons. Yet, she deserves to be honored as a revivalist and powerful example of how anything is impossible when one says “Yes” to Jesus. No one is beyond ushering in a great move of God! You were born to birth things into the Earth—and in a way, you uniquely get to give birth to the expression of Jesus, since the Spirit of God lives within you and empowers you to manifest the nature, character, image and power of the Risen Christ through your life! Every time you demonstrate the work of Jesus through your life, you are enforcing the victory of the One who forever crushed the devil at Calvary. Women walking in this identity continually remind the enemy of his eternal defeat. When salvation is brought to a life or household, Satan is crushed. When healing reverses sickness, Satan is crushed. When immorality, crime, and corruption are exchanged for peace, honor, and love, Satan is defeated, yes—but he continues to be crushed as sons and daughters actually walk out this victory that Jesus purchased for them, and enforce it.

2. Women sustain revival, from generation to generation. A woman must never devalue her ability to be a life-giver and life-bearer. You carry the ability to bring life into the world that perpetuates the move of God from generation to generation.This is the commission of every mother, natural and spiritual: to birth children who sustain and excel your supernatural momentum. The next generation should always be positioned to exceed the previous generation. If you have a womb, you have the ability to give birth to sons and daughter that prophesy, perform signs and wonders, heal the sick, lead movements and change nations. You have the ability to raise up boys and girls, young men and young women who go further and deeper in God than you ever dreamed possible because God works generationally. Whether you have natural children or not, whether you can give birth or not, women are spiritual mothers who raise up a generation of men and women to birth the purposes of God into the Earth.

3. Women preach and shift atmospheres over entire cities. One evidence of the Acts 2 outpouring is that daughters will prophesy. To prophesy is to speak forth! You cannot prophesy silently. Need Bible references? The Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 went back to her town and “told the people there…” about Jesus. And some of these people that she told were men! As a result, the people left the town, went to see Jesus, begged Him to stay with them, experienced a two-day visitation from the Son of God, and as a result, many became believers. She preached and as a result, she became a catalyst for a city to experience a divine visitation from Jesus Himself. How many more cities could experience powerful Holy Spirit visitation if women were encouraged to go and tell? Preach. Proclaim. Disciple. Prophesy. Jesus did not rebuke this woman for going… and likewise, I do not believe He is rebuking His daughters today as they rise up, take their place and begin saying what the Father is saying.

It’s time for women to usher in the Holy Spirit outpouring they were anointed to release! From the Day of Pentecost until now, the daughters have been qualified to prophesy. Let us encourage them to boldly speak forth the Word of the Lord, expecting their participation to release the fullness of God’s Kingdom on Earth!

Larry Sparks is co-author of the book, The Fire That Never Sleeps, with Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick. Larry’s mission is to help teach all believers how to experience and sustain personal revival—enjoying a deep relationship with God through encountering the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. To this end, he maintains a blog through Charisma magazine, is a published author, teaches revival seminars, and is the co-founder of Renewing South Florida, an organization committed to uniting the local church for regional outpouring. Larry holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University and presently serves as Publisher for Destiny Image publishing house.

You can receive daily empowerment for personal revival from Larry on Facebook (

Prepare for a Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit! | Ministry Report 2015

Already, Heaven is shedding some light upon the plans of the Lord for 2016. Towards the conclusion of this amazing, incredible, and, at times, challenging and confrontational year, the Holy Spirit started to speak to me quite clearly on the merging of two expressions of revival.

For us to step into the great awakening that so many different leaders are speaking about and contending for, we need to change our perspective on revival. It cannot be an “either/or” approach; it’s “both/and.”

There are some who do not believe we need revival; they believe that revival is already here because the Spirit of God has been poured out and He lives inside of every Christ-follower. This is fundamentally true! This means we are licensed to walk in the power of revival. Every manifestation and demonstration we read about being associated with revivals of yesteryear should follow the “normal Christian life.” This includes preaching the Gospel with supernatural power, prophecy, signs and wonders, healing miracles, gifts of the Spirit in operation, deliverance, etc. I agree with this perspective on revival—that the supernatural should be natural for the believer. But there’s more…

There is another school of revival. They are crying out and contending for Heaven to open over churches, cities, regions and nations. Isn’t Heaven already open, though? Yes. Over the believer. It’s not open over darkness… at least, until those filled with the light of Heaven step into the darkness. Before we physically step into these pockets of darkness, we spiritually step into them by praying. We’re not begging; we are contending for a Covenant-keeping God to faithfully pour out His Spirit on all flesh, in the most unusual and extraordinary ways. Yes, I want us to do the works of revival, but I also wants us to cry out for the next great move of God. The Great Awakening. The Welsh Revival. Azusa Street. The Toronto Blessing. These were unusual outpourings that were the result of a collision between the sovereign intentions of God and the desperate hunger of people on Earth.

In 2016, I believe the Lord is making ready a people for unusual outpouring. He is literally preparing “revival-ready” ground in His church, so that what takes place among the community of believers would not be contained by four walls, but released into every sphere of society.

I introduce my “Year End” report with this charge because this is the very mandate that motivates everything that took place this year, and everything on the horizon for 2016.

Suffice it to say, 2015 was transitional and significant for me and the ministry the Lord has entrusted to me.

11226920_833047689298_7927585639467421976_oOne of the most significant transitions that took place was, after a five year-long journey, come May, I graduated Regent University with my Master of Divinity in Church History—a track I believe the Holy Spirit directed me to take. The great passion of my life has been revival. I love studying about the past moves of God, not because they are purposed to be memorialized, but because they are all demonstrations of one continuous, ever-increasing, ever-flowing River of God that has been on the move since Pentecost. They show me what’s possible for God’s people today. It’s not about asking God for another Pentecost; it’s about realigning with the flow of His River.
Perhaps the second most significant transition took place in my professional life, when I was promoted to Publisher of Destiny Image publishing house. It is truly the great honor of my life to help steward what the Holy Spirit is speaking in this hour through our incredible body of authors and books.

SPEAKING and TEACHING Ministry10881780_787289169738_5920154276859814954_n
The year started with a bang, as I traveled to Sid Roth’s TV studio in Charlotte North Carolina to an eight session curriculum on Revival History—and most importantly, how the church today can actually step back into the powerful flow of revival that has been continuing since the Day of Pentecost. This project is still in the works, as I am currently writing a book that will accompany the curriculum.

In terms of traveling/speaking ministry, I was so thrilled by the wonderful new relationships that the Lord built with local pastors and leaders in South Florida. I had the opportunity to speak at:

  • Covenant Centre International in Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Norman and Judy Benz
  • Visionary Centers International in Stuart, FL – Lynne and Tony Barletta
  • CIDRA Church in West Palm Beach, FL – Ruben and Gloria Arroyo
  • Christ Fellowship Royal Palm – Prayer Meeting with Pastor Ricky Becerra
  • Awakening House of Prayer, Hollywood FL – Jennifer LeClaire

12095266_841754106568_97924285606378772_oMy objective is not to secure more speaking engagements—my vision is to come alongside local pastors and leaders, build relationships, and collaborate together to help prepare a climate for regional awakening. The names listed next to each venue are not merely people I visited, spoke for, and then left; they are dear friends and partners in seeing a region transformed for the Kingdom of God. Honored to know and serve alongside each one of them.

Victory Weekends11695967_828598425658_8387827629142655763_n
In July, I had the privilege of conducting our first Victory Weekend with colleague, friend, and fellow author, Kyle Winkler (“Silence Satan”). We did three sessions at Covenant Centre International and saw the Holy Spirit release the freedom of Christ in powerful, unusual ways. I believe that these meetings served as a prototype for more similar conferences in the future.

March was a profoundly significant month, as it saw the official launch of Renewing South Florida with a two-day conference featuring Corey Russell. Renewing South Florida is a ministry initiative that God sovereignly birthed by connecting me with local pastor and apostolic leader, Dr. Norman Benz.

11050720_10153121496597999_5486675610217248594_n12029767_838273426878_3091830483447269327_oDr. Benz and the Covenant Centre International family have come in and out of my life since 2002. It all began when I attended a service at their old building where Tommy Tenney was speaking. That meeting ignited something in my heart, furthering my quest to “chase” God and catch His presence. Amazing how the Lord reunited us in this hour for the sake of the region.

Since March, we became committed to doing a monthly regional worship gathering and have been going strong ever since the first meetings with Corey Russell. Even more significant than the Lord adding to our numbers—which He has—perhaps the great blessing that has come out of these events is the increased unity among different pastors, leaders and local congregations in the region. It’s not about one specific local church receiving the acclaim or hosting celebrity Christian speakers; it’s about a hungry group of people pressing into God to experience regional revival. We will not stop until this becomes a reality!


I believe the Lord gave us a mandate to connect the region with the mothers and fathers of revival—the generals. So far, we have hosted Jeff Jansen, Karen Wheaton, Michael and Cherrie Kaylor, and Heidi Baker, with John and Carol Arnott and Randy Clark scheduled for 2016.

In June, I released my second book, The Fire That Never Sleeps, co-authored with two generals of revival—Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick. Although the book was inspired by the great outpouring of the Spirit that took place between 1995 and 2000 during the Brownsville Revival, the objective was to give everydayTheFireThatNeverSleeps_3D-1 believers practical keys on how to keep the fires of personal revival sustained in their lives. That’s ultimately the key to experiencing a great measure of corporate revival—individuals who remain ablaze for Jesus.

I also had the opportunity to be a part of Jennifer LeClaire’s fantastic book, The Next Great Move of God (Charisma). I had written a segment on how to steward revival and she so graciously included it in the book.

In terms of articles and blogs, I launched a column for Charisma Magazine: Point of Breakthrough: CLICK HERE FOR BLOG.

I had the great privilege of having an article featured as the cover story in Charisma 10392431_784807478068_8903035728125054293_nMagazine. The piece was written about a true general of the faith and someone who has become very dear to me in my walk with God, Dr. Randy Clark. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

I also wrote for the Toronto/Catch the Fire Revival Magazine and contributed a prophetic article a to ElijahList.

It’s always a joy to share the message of revival and awakening however I can!

I was honored to have my interview broadcast on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural featuring my book, “Breakthrough Faith.” It was featured on TBN, GodTV, and other major Christian TV networks—including the Discovery Channel!

You can view the programs below:

Thank You!!

For those of you who have partnered with the ministry in 2015—through prayer, encouragement or finances—this report is a listing of everything you were directly part of.

Regional revival is breaking out in South Florida!
The North American Church is awakening!
The body of Christ is moving past division and apathy, and becoming hungrier than ever for a genuine outpouring of the Spirit.

My driving objective is:

…to provide Bible-based, Spirit-filled resources that help ignite personal and regional revival. Through writing, preaching and media, my mission is to equip Christ-followers to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit resting upon them in supernatural power and Kingdom demonstration.

In short, my passion is to see every Christ-follower living everyday with the Holy Spirit resting upon them. This is when He transitions from being sound theology to experiential reality. Sound theology is wonderful. My question: Are we actually experiencing the One we have dedicated our lives to learning about?

Outpouring becomes inevitable when we decide that our spiritual hunger will exceed our religious history.

Where we’ve been in God is certainly worth celebrating, but He’s summoning us into deeper places. He’s calling us onward, higher, forward. There’s more available than what we are presently experiencing and tasting.

Even if you are absolutely overwhelmed by God’s glory and power in this present season, there’s more! And if you feel totally dead, dry, and spiritually destitute, that’s a sign that the Holy Spirit wants to awaken your hunger for more! Truly, no one is safe, off limits, too spiritual, or too worldly for the outpouring of the Spirit.

My goal? Simply to remain an encouraging voice in your walk with God, constantly reminding you that there is more of God for you to experience. The good news is that He’s not locked up in Heaven, waiting for the loudest prayer or the most religious-sounding begging. Oh no. He’s inside of you. Living water is within you. His name is Holy Spirit… and He wants to burst forth as a rushing river!

How You Can Respond…

Pray. Pray your city and region. Take ownership of where God has placed you in the place of intercession. It’s really easy. God has one major prayer strategy He is calling all of us to partner with: contend for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to impact all flesh.

Partner. I am not after more venues for speaking engagements; I am looking for people that I can build relationship and partner with, long-term, to build cultures that welcome the fullness of Holy Spirit. If you are interested in inviting me to your church or conference, click here and follow these instructions.

Discover How Christmas is a Key to Experiencing Revival


This Christmas season, I have been flooded with new perspectives on the familiar Jesus-birth narrative. In fact, one of the great dangers of Christmas is to stop listening to the traditional story because we think we’ve figured it out for every angle. This approach illustrates a very serious spiritual condition that we must awaken to if we are going to see widespread, nation-shaking revival. We must be willing to embrace the movement of God, even if we don’t have a theological framework for it… yet.

Christmas: A Supernatural Season

I’ve stopped being content with Christmas as it’s always been. Make no mistake, I still celebrate all of the traditions and festivities. I enjoy holiday movie marathons, where Home Alone and Elf don the yule-tide line-up. Christmas gifts, trees, parties, lights—I cherish all of it. I’m not one who thinks we need to throw the whole thing out, either because it’s become overly contaminated by consumerism or because it has some kind of pagan roots. I don’t care if it’s the “world system” or some kind of celtic history, we have the ability to redeemed December 25 to honor Jesus Christ. (And no, I don’t think He was literally born on that day, but I am not at all against selecting it as a day to celebrate His glorious incarnation!)

Here’s the problem, though. It’s easy for spiritual people to pick on the consumer side of Christmas, claiming that we need to focus on the true “Reason for the Season.” Tis’ true, we do. Even in church circles, we have simply turned Christmas into a massive production with some spiritual trimmings here and there. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not against the production, per se, but it should be supplemental to our primary priority—seeing Jesus exalted through the power of the Holy Spirit. I just know this looks very different than what we have always been used to with our Christmas cantatas, choir programs, productions, plays, pageants, and candlelight services. Don’t throw those things out unless they distract from people having genuine encounters with God during this glorious time.

If ever there was a supernatural season, where the eyes and ears of nations were bent towards the Messiah, it’s during Christmastime. We need to steward this great opportunity, instead of giving people more reasons to become familiar with a spectacle. As people come across our paths in everyday life, or people flood into church sanctuaries on Christmas Eve, we need to remember Who we offer them. We don’t offer a show; we carry the Spirit of the Risen Christ. He is truly the thrill of hope that brings a weary world to rejoice!

What Kills Revival?

Do you want to know what can quench the Spirit’s movement and kill revival before it even starts? Familiarity.

Jesus Christ, the Sovereign Son of God, was unable to perform mighty miracles in his hometown because He was recognized as the “son of Joseph and Mary” (see Mark 6:5). The people were familiar with Him at one level and thus, unwilling to embrace Him at another. They were comfortable with Jesus being the carpenter who was following in his natural father’s footsteps, but they were not so keen on Him following in His true Father’s footsteps. This reality of Jesus being the Son of God challenged the people’s present level of revelation, calling them to embrace a new perspective of Jesus. Perhaps a more demanding perspective, as the son of Joseph doesn’t have the authority to demand allegiance, but the Son of God most certainly does. They were unwilling to see Jesus in this light and thus, remained un-hungry to experience His supernatural healing power.

Are you receiving the same invitation this Christmas season? Could God be calling you to reconsider the familiar… even starting with the Christmas story? This much I know. When you receive an upgraded revelation about Jesus, your level of hunger increases. Why? You want to encounter the One you are being introduced to. Jesus was never meant to merely be known intellectually; He was meant to be known relationally and experientially.

Summoned into the Deeper Places

The reason we are not seeing widespread revival has nothing to do with lack from God’s end. This acknowledgement is not meant to incite shame. By no means. At the same time, it is a wake-up call. We need to forsake familiarity with Jesus and be willing to journey into the depths.

For many of us, that means embracing a willingness to let our childhood (and in some cases, childish) theology be challenged. You read that correctly. Just because we embrace a certain perspective on God, doesn’t mean it is Scripturally founded. At the same time, what we believe about God may be absolutely correct and true—but many of us settle at one level of truth, unwilling to embrace some of the more uncomfortable facts about God that the Bible also clarifies. The One who saves also heals, delivers, releases captives, performs miracles, raises the dead, demands lordship, and wants to flood the Earth with His glory! We may have a solid foundation in one area of God’s nature, but there might be unexplored territories that are awaiting the hungry and the brave. Are you willing to take the journey?

None of this is a call to venture outside of established Biblical perimeters. Far be it! There is too great of an inheritance that Scripture claims is available that we are not fully walking in. This should not provoke shame, but incite hunger. Relentless hunger.

Revival Lessons from the Three Wise Men

Consider the Wise men level of spiritual hunger, which drove the three kings out of the palace, through the desert, and ultimately, to a feeding trough where the King of Glory was laid. Surely, that unique presentation of the King was offensive to their natural minds. These three men of nobility voyaged from an atmosphere of wealth, opulence and royalty to behold Jesus in a manger, and yet, they were seeing the King who was infinitely superior to any and every ruler who would walk the Earth.

How did they respond? They embraced the move of God. They allowed Heaven to adjust their theology correctly. Perhaps they had visions of wealth and riches… but when they stumbled upon the manger, animals, shepherds and peasants, they had a choice to make. We have a choice to make as well.

Do we embrace the move of God, as is—mess and all—or do we dismiss it?
Do we write it off because it doesn’t fit what we think it should look like?

After all, surely the great move of Heaven to Earth, God to mankind, couldn’t look like this… could it?

The wise men’s response should challenge all of us when it comes to embracing new depths of revelation and new expressions of God’s movement. What their minds might not have been able to wrap around, their hearts were able to respond to with worship.

Remember, the King of Glory came in a seemingly common manner. The wise men could have been detoured by this; but they were not. They looked past what they thought they knew and allowed Heaven to adjust their thinking about the One lying in the manger.

So what’s the gift the Holy Spirit wants to give to you this season? Upgraded revelation of Jesus that produces a greater experience with Jesus. How do you receive it? Break ties with familiarity and be willing to embrace the move of God—even when it comes in unpredictable, uncomfortable and inconvenient ways.

Father, break off familiarity in my life. I don’t want to see Jesus in a common way and I don’t want to go through the motions of Christmas like I have in the past. I ask You, Holy Spirit, for fresh revelation this year. Help me to see the Christmas story in a brand new way—not the way I’ve always seen it and thought about it.

You’re calling me deeper. You desire to call me into the deep places and I ask that You would adjust me thinking according to Your Word and Your thinking.

I understand that, in order to see and participate in revival, I need for Heaven to change my thinking—just like the wise men. Lord, help me to see things from Your perspective. Show me where You are moving and help me to willingly and joyfully participate.

In Jesus’ Name,