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Interview Questions

If you are interested in doing an interview with me about Breakthrough Faith, here are some sample interview questions to consider:

Does every Christian have the same amount of faith? Do you think that someone can get more faith? Why/why not?

What was the catalyst that birthed your book, Breakthrough Faith?

Why do you stress the importance of not identifying everything that happens in our lives as God’s sovereign will?

In your book, you make it clear that in order to start walking in breakthrough faith, we need to believe that God is both able and willing. Why is believing both of these truths necessary?

How do faith and hope work together?

What are some practical, everyday action-steps Christians can take to start exercising breakthrough faith today?

Who are some of the Christian leaders and historical figures that exemplify the kind of faith that you write about?

Can you list some examples of people walking in a lifestyle of Breakthrough Faith today?

Jesus talks about people doing even “greater works” than He did (see John 14:12) Do you believe this is possible for Christians today—and are there any people in the Bible who actually started doing these works?

What three things will Breakthrough Faith do to help every Christian live a life where anything is possible?