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Core Values

12095266_841754106568_97924285606378772_oEncounter. I desire to see people encounter the Presence and power of the Holy Spirit, as this is the essential first step to living the supernatural Christian life. The taste of His Presence reveals that there is more to God than our current experience. I’m not satisfied to simply teach a lecture or deliver a sermon—I want to see people encounter the manifest Presence of the Holy Spirit. This takes place through live speaking engagements, seminars at ministry schools, lectures, Victory Weekend events, and conferences.

10881780_787289169738_5920154276859814954_nActivate. I want to activate believers to steward the inheritance they have received in Christ—the Spirit of God resting upon them. This is what I call supernatural discipleship—actually putting hands and feet to our theology. It’s not enough to informationally know about God; true Biblical theology was meant to ignite our hearts to seek out and experience the One we are learning about. This takes place through my print and media resources: books, column in Charisma Magazine, articles, and videos.

cultivating-faithTransform. The end result of activation is transformation. Believers who understand who they are and Who rests upon them become emboldened to transform the world around them. This is the ultimate vision of my life and ministry—raise up a generation of believers who release the Presence and power of Jesus into their spheres of influence.