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The 1 Lie Millions of Christians Are Believing About the Holy Spirit

 When the devil wants to hijack the advancement of God's people, he introduces subtle, yet destructive deceptions. Deceptions that are easy for us to embrace as truth, even though they are not presented in Scripture ... anywhere! I want us to … [Read more]

How Will Women Usher in the Next Great Move of God?

From the book of Genesis onward, Satan has been on a mission to restrain woman from fulfilling her destiny as a co-heir and co-laborer with Christ. Yes, she is different and unique. Yet in Christ, she is qualified to rise up and boldly release the … [Read more]

The River is Rising! (Album Review)

If you want to start out the year experiencing the manifest Presence of God, I have one surefire way that will help you do that—check out the new worship release from The Ramp called The River is Rising. Worship That Ushers You Into God’s … [Read more]

Prepare for a Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit! | Ministry Report 2015

Already, Heaven is shedding some light upon the plans of the Lord for 2016. Towards the conclusion of this amazing, incredible, and, at times, challenging and confrontational year, the Holy Spirit started to speak to me quite clearly on the merging … [Read more]