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3 Ways To Experience The Power of Pentecost In Your Life Today!

I often hear Christians ask God to send "another" Pentecost down from heaven. This is how many perceive revival—a time when God comes down. Yes, even though there are moments where we feel as though God has come down and His Presence is strong among … [Read more]

‘Health and Wealth’ or Signs and Wonders? Will The Real Charismatic Church Please Stand Up?

This article covers one of the most vital, misunderstood and controversial topics of debate in modern Christianity—the supernatural activity of the Holy Spirit. I pray that the following words cause you to rethink the evaluations people have made … [Read more]

A Key Sign That You Have Received A Supernatural Impartation

It took me over 10 years to discover that during one event back in May of 2000, I received one of the most significant blessings of my life and ministry. In fact, that one single night would go on to define everything about my Christian journey from … [Read more]

Experience One of the Most Powerful and Prophetic Worship Albums of the Decade

I am convinced that Bethel Music’s You Make Me Brave (available now on iTunes) is a landmark worship album. The songs powerfully and prophetically speak of the season that God is ushering the church into. He is stripping off timidity. Impossibility … [Read more]