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Secrets to Praying for Revival From the Apostle Paul and Jesus

We need a new, biblical blueprint for revival and awakening. Whether the church likes it or not, things are shifting. The spiritual atmosphere over the nations of the earth is changing. Darkness is undeniably getting darker, causing some Christians … [Read more]

‘Like No Other’: A Powerful Worship Experience

I am always on the lookout for God-centered worship projects. Recently, I wrote an article about how our praise is a weapon of warfare against the enemy. In order to walk in this level of victorious warfare, I am convinced that we need to change our … [Read more]

Larry Sparks On Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”

Larry Sparks went from on-fire-for-God to spiritual burnout. But he prayed to God and got the revelation for breakthrough. Join Larry and Sid as they discuss practical ways that you can unlock God's supernatural breakthrough power in your life today! … [Read more]

Randy Clark: The Healing Miracles Preacher

While kneeling at the altar, Randy Clark felt a sharp pain in his left eye lasting just a split second.The unusual pain caught his attention because he had only recently received a "crash course" in different ways to receive words of … [Read more]